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At Mercy College assessment is key to the institution's effectiveness and achieving its goal of supporting student learning and student success.

The Mercy College Mission and Strategic Plan provide the overarching philosophy, governing principles and standards that inform its system of assessment across schools, programs, administrative units and support services. Through its continuous assessment system, the College uses quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate performance, inform decision making and support improvement at the institutional level and in each academic program and administrative unit.

The assessment system enables Mercy College to be effective and efficient, and provides for transparency, collaboration, documentation of learning and institutional outcomes, and priorities-based distribution of resources.

Additional Resources

Faculty and staff are invited to visit the Assessment Tab on Mercy Connect for additional information, including assessment guidelines and templates.

Administrative Offices and Committees

Mercy College leadership endorses a robust assessment infrastructure, and provides the human, financial and technological resources necessary to sustain it. The assessment support structure includes the following offices and committees: