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The Office of Human Resources Seeks To:
  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship between employees and the College through programs and policies that ensure fairness, respect and equal treatment for all employees
  • Provide means for conflict resolution
  • Enhance clear and accurate communication
  • Recognize the efforts and contributions of employees to the College and its mission
  • Facilitate the professional development of employees
  • Recognize achievements of employees and celebrate the spirit of community building
Services Provided by the Office of Human Resources
  • Development and management of initiatives that promote employee recognition and appreciation
  • Problem-solving with supervisors concerning employee and organizational issues
  • Coaching for employees and managers in order to improve workplace relations
  • Investigation of complaints regarding discrimination and harassment
  • Advisement of supervisors considering employment action for misconduct or performance problems to ensure fair and consistent treatment and compliance with College policies
  • Mediation of conflict, including, but not limited to, investigating and responding to grievances
  • Development and implementation of training plans for each employee consistent with departmental and personal career goals
Service Awards and Other Events

The College recognizes the value of employee contributions to its goals and mission and service to the institution.

The Office of Human Resources hosts a Service Awards event to recognize and honor those employees celebrating significant milestones in their service to the College.The College further recognizes the contribution of its administrative support staff and faculty, specifically on Administrative Professionals Day and National Teachers Day. Additionally, there is also an annual barbecue at the end of the summer and a holiday party in December each year, which is hosted by the Office of Human Resources.