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  • School of Business


    School of Business

    Make an impact in the business world with degrees from Accounting to Marketing.
  • Academics

    School of Health and Natural Sciences

    Change your community through caring.
  • School of Education


    School of Education

    Earn your degree and shape the next generation.
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    School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Help others with degrees in Counseling, Psychology and Criminal Justice.
  • Academics

    School of Liberal Arts

    With degrees in Art, English and Computer Science we have what you need.

Academic Calendars for this year and coming years. 

Mercy College offers 90+ degrees and certificates in dozens of major disciplines, at the undergraduate and graduate level. Many degree programs are further distinguished by various specializations.

The Center for Global Engagement establishes program and initiatives designed to encourage the exchange of knowledge across international boundaries.  

The Office of the Provost is responsible for the development and sustained quality of academic life at Mercy College, in concert with other members of the College community: the faculty, academic leadership (Deans, Department Chairs, Program Heads, and Program Directors), staff and students. The Office of the Provost promotes the academic mission and administers all academic areas, including the Schools, Libraries and various reporting Centers and Offices. The Office is responsible for faculty personnel matters, academic program registration, academic budgets, systems and planning, and promoting research activity.

Mercy College offers a range of academic support services for students, including academic tutoring, research assistance, technology help, student services dedicated to graduate students and online students--as well as student learning communities and undergraduate research opportunities.

The academic leadership of Mercy College includes the School's Deans, Department Chairs, Program Heads, and Program Directors, all of whom provide effective leadership within their areas, and fulfill the College's mission.

The Mercy College Library is committed to teaching students how to find and use information ethically and responsibly in a changing world.  

Mercy has built an impressive track record of fostering success with students that are diverse and from disadvantaged backgrounds. To meet the needs of these students, academic programs are supplemented with comprehensive program of opportunity programs geared toward facilitating student success.