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Academic Centers

The academic centers of Mercy College provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage with learning and enrichment in various domains of inquiry, promoting collaboration across organizational boundaries and so complementing the College's Schools, Departments, and Programs. 

The academic centers offer intellectual engagement, community outreach and service, co-curricular opportunities, and commitment to interdisciplinary research and practical scholarship and applications with direct connections to the College's academic degree programs.

Students and faculty participate in center activities in a variety of ways, including research projects, symposia, lectures, and other activities that bring together faculty and students from every department.

Mercy College is home to three interdisciplinary academic centers, focused on international studies and global pursuits, education in the STEM disciplines, and on social and criminal justice.

Center for Social and Criminal Justice

The Center for Social and Criminal Justice seeks to advance our understanding of social and criminal justice institutions and their relations to and effects on social life. The Center explores practical and policy issues in social and criminal justice--including crime and punishment, race and sexual orientation, power, education, human rights, and distribution of wealth--through instructional programming, campus and community outreach, research, and engagement with professionals within the criminal justice system and those whose lives have been altered through contact with the criminal justice system.

Center for Global Engagement

The Center for Global Engagement furthers the Mercy College mission through programs to engage students, faculty, and other members of the Mercy community in diverse learning experiences, rich understanding of international relations, and exposure to a range of cultural perspectives; and through initiatives to encourage study and exchange of knowledge across borders.

Center for STEM Education

The mission of the Center for STEM Education (CSE) is to create opportunities for groups typically underrepresented in STEM to engage in enrichment activities for learning, career readiness, enjoyment, and personal and community growth, which may not be available through school districts. The CSE is the only such academic center in the Westchester and Rockland region and hosts events, organizes activities, and conducts research related to STEM education. In an increasingly technology-oriented society, the importance of STEM education is paramount. Through the Center for STEM Education, Mercy College is situated to address these challenges and meet STEM education needs of underserved groups through research-based work with our own students and community outreach that includes local schools.