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College Scholars Program

College Scholar projects give students the opportunity to explore in-depth an area of special interest and to make a contribution to learning in that area. Each College Scholar works with a faculty advisor in designing and implementing a six-credit senior-level project culminating in a thesis (490-491 Thesis Workshop I, II). The College Scholar experience is excellent preparation for graduate school since in draws upon previous learning and represents a notable advance in a field of study.


Generally the chair of a student's program and a faculty mentor make nominations. Typical candidates are highly motivated students who are able to work independently, who can supply their own structure and who can assume responsibility for a long-term assignment. Each College Scholar works with one or more faculty advisors to design and implement a six-credit senior-level project showing original work and culminating in a thesis. 

The six credits are earned over the period of two semesters, usually an academic year.  Each student will have a thesis committee composed of the faculty advisor, the College Scholars Program Director (CSPD) and two faculty members selected jointly by the Scholar and advisor, with the approval of the College Scholars Program Director. The committee members will advise the student and review and evaluate all work including the completed project. The final grade is the responsibility of the mentor and program Director. College Scholars who successfully complete their projects graduate "With Distinction."

Requirements for Nomination
  • GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • Declared Major
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David Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
Program Director
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Thesis workshop I/II are only offered in the Fall and Spring term A and Summer Term A.

Participants in the workshop will design and draft a senior-level project in conjunction with a project advisor/mentor. During the semester students registered for the workshop will begin preliminary research, submit an outline and write the first section of their thesis. Participants will meet periodically with their advisors and with other College Scholars, where appropriate, to discuss methodologies and results. 

Open only to students selected as College Scholars. 3 sem. hrs. 3crs.

Students who successfully completed Thesis Workshop I with a grade of B or better, can register for this course. During the semester, students registered for the workshop will complete their research and thesis draft, revising and editing the thesis as suggested by their committee members. They will also meet periodically with their advisor, committee members and other College Scholars, where appropriate to share their findings and make proposals to strengthen each other's work.  

Open only to students selected as College Scholars. 3 sem. hrs. 3 crs.

Committee membership consist of the student's faculty advisor, the CSPD, one full time faculty member from the student's division and one full time faculty not from the student's division.