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CSTEP Program

Mercy College, College Opportunity Program
Main Hall Room 212
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Phone: (914) 674-7234

Fax: (914) 674-7274

Program Services

The CSTEP Program at Mercy College provides several program services to active participants.  Here are some of the ways that CSTEP can help you:

  • Pre-Freshman/Transfer Summer Program - Intensive five-week program, structured to improve the skills and performances of students in college-level courses leading to CSTEP targeted professions
  • Graduate/Professional School Trip - Each summer CSTEP invites students to take part in their annual graduate/professional school tour
  • Academic and Career Advising - CSTEP provides students with intensive academic and career counseling services to better assist with choosing classes and setting career goals
  • Tuition Remission for Summer Course - Active participants in CSTEP will have the opportunity to apply for a free course in the summer
  • Funding Opportunities to Attend State and National Professional Conferences - Students will have the opportunity to attend conferences that will give students exposure to a variety of academic, research and career-related workshops
  • Educational Workshops - Students will have the opportunity to participate in an array of activities to further cultivate their interest in the STEM fields
  • Assist in Graduate/Professional School Application Process - CSTEP offers student one-on-one graduate/professional counseling through the application process
  • Internship and Research Opportunities - This provides an opportunity for students to gain career and research experience in their chosen field of study
  • Textbook and Laptop/Tablet Loan Program - On a first come-first served basis, students can borrow textbooks from the CSTEP Lending Library for the semester.  CSTEP participants will also have access to on-site laptop/tablet loan
  • CSTEP Kaplan Scholarship - The CSTEP Kaplan Scholarship is available for eligible students applying to graduate/professional school. This scholarship helps CSTEP students prepare for standardized exams required for graduate school admission. Assistance will apply to the following preparatory courses offered through Kaplan including: GRE/DAT/MCAT/LSAT/PCAT/etc.