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Annual Exhibit

This exhibit is the 3rd one of its kind.  In the spring semester of 2013 the library asked the students faculty and staff to send us pictures of “their” Bronx.  We received over 100 pictures of landscapes, street scenes, the Zoo, Botanical Garden, Mercy College, Yankee Stadium, Westchester Square, and many more scenes depicting each photographer’s connection to the Bronx.   This was the start of what has become an annual event in the Bronx Campus Library.


Over 75 photos represent the work of 60 photographers. This year’s submission included over 20 landscape photos and over 35 bridges, train stations, streets, and buildings.   Flowers from the Botanical Gardens and tigers, seals and deer from the Bronx Zoo added to the diversity of the submissions.  The architecture of the Bronx was represented by photos of landmarks, housing, and municipal buildings.   All the photographs are part of a video display on the TV monitor in the Library.



Annual Photography Exhibit
Photography Show

The exhibit begins in the Group Study Room, and continues through the Law Library.  Photographs can also be found on the bookcases down the left aisle. Pick up handout that identifies each photographer and their picture(s).