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Honors at Mercy

The Mercy College Honors Program is a scholarly community of highly motivated full-time undergraduate students and dedicated faculty who share a passion for integrated learning, service and leadership and who seek a challenging and self-directed intellectual environment. 

Advantages of participating in the Honors Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Enrollment in small, engaging, seminar-style classes that allow for close interaction with hand-picked Honors faculty as well as other highly motivated students;
  • Priority registration;
  • Opportunity to participate in unique learning experiences and established High Impact Practices, including Living Learning Communities, Study Abroad and Alternative Spring Break, common reads, community-based learning, self-directed research, and attendance or presentation at undergraduate conferences;
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of special extracurricular activities and events, including receptions, invited speakers, and trips to local cultural and historical attractions;
  • Mentorship from students and faculty in the Honors Program;
  • Official recognition at Commencement.

Admission to the Honors Program

Admission to the Mercy College Honors Program is through application only and is highly competitive.  Students are evaluated holistically on their application as well as their history of academic success, rigorous curriculum and commitment to service and engaged leadership.  In order to be eligible to apply for admission to the Honors Program, students must be full-time and be registered for a majority of their classes at a physical on-campus location (fully Distance Learning students are currently not eligible for admission to the Honors Program).


Freshmen: Students applying to the program after High School must have a minimum High School GPA of 86.


Transfer Students: Students applying to the program after completion of credits at another undergraduate institution must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and must be transferring 12-75 credits towards their Mercy College degree completion.  Students transferring more than 75 credits towards their Mercy College degree are not eligible for application.  Students transferring fewer than 12 credits will be evaluated on their High School GPA.


Continuing Students: Continuing students at Mercy College may apply for admission to the Program after a minimum of 12 credits and up to a maximum of 75 credits have been completed at Mercy College.  Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.2.  Students must submit two letters of recommendation from Mercy College faculty.

If you are interested in joining the Honors Program we encourage you to take the next steps:

1. If possible, meet with an Honors Program representative.  To schedule an appointment email

2. Complete the online application (link below) for the Mercy College Honors Program.

3. Prepare your Honors Program academic schedule.  Students who have been accepted into the Honors Program will reconnect with their PACT advisors to modify their Fall 2018 schedules to enter Honors Program courses.  Initial decisions for those students who have been accepted into the Program for Fall 2018 entry will be sent electronically by April 15, 2018.

4. Engage with the Honors Program.  Students will receive a mailing to their home address from the Honors Program which will include an official welcome to the Program, as well as detailed information about how to prepare for and engage with the Honors Program over Summer 2018.

Maintaining Satisfactory Progress in the Honors Program


Honors Program students must make adequate progress in achieving program expectations to remain in the Mercy College Honors Program.  Satisfactory progress is defined as:


  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above
  • Maintaining an Honors course GPA of 3.2 or above
  • Registered as a full-time student and registered for a majority of their classes at a physical on-campus location
  • Completing a minimum of twenty hours of community service per academic year
  • Attending a minimum of four Honors Program-approved Mercy College academic events per academic year
  • Demonstrating the academic and behavioral standards of Mercy College students
  • Completing approximately one Honors course per semester


If adequate progress is not maintained, a student will be placed on Honors Program probation for one semester.  If satisfactory progress is not resumed, the student may be dismissed from the Honors Program thereafter. 


Successful Completion of the Honors Program


In order for students to be recognized at graduation as successfully completing the Mercy College Honors Program they must:

  • Complete their degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 of above
  • Complete their Honors Program curriculum with a GPA of 3.2 or above
  • Earn a grade of C or above in all Honors Program courses
  • Complete all service and engagement requirements of the program
  • Complete an Honors Capstone project


Students who entered the program as Freshmen must additionally:

  • Complete a minimum of 27 credits of Honors courses (no more than 6 credits can be completed as Honors contracts)


Students who entered the program as Transfers or Continuing students must additionally:

  • Complete a minimum of 15 credits of Honors courses (no more than 6 credits can be completed as Honors contracts)

Honors Courses


Honors Courses foster a unique learning environment where students are given focused opportunities to deepen their learning and develop skills in collaboration and self-directed learning.  All Honors Courses share a common set of learning outcomes (in addition to the other course student learning outcomes) that are included on the course outline and that are assessed in these courses. 


Students who complete Honors Courses should be able to:

1. Examine an issue or theme related to course material through two or more distinct disciplinary lenses (Interdisciplinarity)

2. Demonstrate effective collaboration with peers in pursuit of a shared goal (Collaboration)

3. Reflect upon how experiential learning has deepened their understanding of course material (Experiential Learning)


Honors courses are generally reserved for students admitted to the Honors Program and by virtue of their priority scheduling get first admission to the courses. However, students who have completed at least 15 credits at the College and who have a Mercy GPA of 3.2 or higher may enroll in Honors courses, if space is available.

Honors Contracts


An Honors contract is a means by which students can earn three honors credits in lieu of taking an Honors course. It entails the production of an additional project (e.g. research paper, annotated bibliography, presentation, laboratory experiment, etc.) that deepens the student’s knowledge of course material and promotes the student's skills in self-directed learning.  All students that engage in an Honors contract are required to present at the Honors Symposium.  Students seeking to engage in an Honors contract are directed to the Honors Program Blackboard course shell for complete instructions and presentation guidelines.   


Communication with Honors Program Students


The Honors Program has launched an Honors Program Blackboard course shell that will serve as a centralized location for finding important documents, tracking co-curricular requirements, archiving honors contracts and searching for honors-approved events.  Honors program students will be enrolled by the program into the “course” and the course will appear near the bottom of the student’s Blackboard list of courses, under “No Term Assigned”.


Additional communication to students continues to occur through email via the address and/or the Mercy College email addresses of the Program CoDirectors and Manager.

Members of the Honors Advisory Council


Delia Amsterdam, PACT Bronx Representative

Dorothy Balancio, School of Social and Behavioral Science Faculty Representative

Haley Collazo, Library Representative

Irina Ellison, Honors Program CoDirector

Patrick Fazioli, Honors Program CoDirector

Saul Fisher, Provost’s Office Representative

Lloyd Gibson, Dean of School of Business and Director of Business Honors Program 

Jill Hart, Career Services Representative

Felipe Henao, Student Life Representative

Raj Kumar, Student Success/PACT Representative

Peter Minorsky, School of Health and Natural Sciences Faculty Representative

Robert Murray, School or Liberal Arts Faculty Representative

Victoria Nunez, School of Education Faculty Representative

Celia Reissig-Vasile, School of Liberal Arts Faculty Representative

Sabrina Timperman, School of Health and Natural Sciences Faculty Representative

Bogdana Vladescu, Student Affairs Initiatives Representative

To learn more about the Honors Program or to schedule an appointment with an Honors Program representative, please contact us by email: