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How to register

Once you've placed your enrollment deposit and have received your Mercy Connect credientials, you're ready to register for classes.

While we can't meet with you in person right now, our Admissions and PACT Offices are available for virtual meetings to walk you through registration. Reach out to your admissions counselor to set up a virtual registration appointment. If you need help finding your admissions counselor's contact info, just log in to your student portal. The information is on the right side.

To register on your own online, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Mercy Connect and log in.
  2. In the Student Resources box, click on “Register for Classes”
  3. On the registration tab you can “Look up classes” or “Add or Drop Classes”. If you have your Course Registration Numbers (CRN), click on “Add or Drop Classes”. If not, select “Look Up Classes”


Look Up Classes


  1. Click “Look Up Classes” from the Registration Menu
  2. Select your term (e.g. Fall 2020 Semester)
  3. To search for classes, select the subject area and click “course search”
  4. All courses that meet your search criteria will appear. Read through the list and select the courses and their sections that you wish to register for
  5. Each course will have some information next to it – this is where you find how many credits a course is, what days and times the course is held, where the course is held and on which campus the course is held.
  6. There may be several similar looking courses with minor differences (e.g. date/time, campus location, etc.). Make sure you read carefully and select the courses that work for you.
  7. After you select your course, click the box to the left of the course name and click the “register” bottom below.
  8. You can also write down all the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) and input them on. The Add or Drop Classes menu.


Add or Drop Classes


  1. Click “Add or Drop Classes” from the Registration Menu
  2. In the boxes beneath the CRNs headline, type in your Course Registration Numbers (CRNs)
  3. Click “Submit Changes”
  4. Courses you have successfully registered for will appear below
  5. If there are any errors in registration (e.g. time conflict, pre-requisites are needed) they will also appear below with an explanation
Contact Us - We're here to help

You’re not alone when registering, reach out to your admissions counselor with any questions or concerns. You can find your admissions counselor's contact information on your student portal.

Mercy Connect

You’ll need Mercy Connect to register for classes, check your degree works, log into blackboard or access your student dashboard. To access your Mercy Connect credentials, visit your student portal, the information will be on the right of the page.

Academic Sequence Map

The Academic Map is a guide of what requirements are required for each major and what courses fulfill those requirements. What counts as an elective for one major may be a requirement for another, so making sure you are following the map for your program is important.


  1. Go to Mercy.Edu and click on “Academics”
  2. Select the school that your major (or program of interest) is in.
  3. Select “Undergraduate” or “Graduate” on the left side “Programs” box
  4. Select your desired major
  5. Click on “Curriculum” in the left side bar
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the most recent Academic Map
Degree Audit

Degree Audit shows you the progress you’ve already made toward completing your degree. If you want to see how many general education requirements or major requirements you have left, Degree Audit is the place to find that.


  1. Go to Mercy Connect and log in.
  2. On the Home Page, click “Degree Works” in the Student Resources box
  3. Select the “Degree Audit” tab to see your degree progress
  4. There is a key at the bottom of the page that shows whether a requirement is complete, nearly complete or incomplete.
  5. You can click into each requirement (general education, major, electives, etc.) and see what you’ve already completed and what still needs to be done
  6. For courses you still need to take, you can click on the course name to see a description of the course and if any pre-requisites are required.
Additional Information


FAFSA regardless of your student status. Make sure you put Mercy’s federal code 002772 on your FAFSA.


Keep up to date and make sure you’re familiar with all College policies. To review and for more detailed information, visit the College catalog or course bulletin. To learn more about the resources available to you as a student including the activities calendar, libraries, policies and more, visit

Office of Enrollment Services

After registering, you might have questions about your tuition. When your bill is available, visit Mercy Connect >> Student Tab >> Student Dashboard >> Make a Payment. Contact the Office of Enrollment Services for any questions.