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Pulse on Learning

pulse graphicThe Pulse on Learning (PoL) is an anonymous, short, online survey early in the term to elicit feedback from students on how effective the course is for their learning.  This feedback gives faculty greater insight about how to optimize the learning environment for increased student learning and success.  This project aligns with the Mercy College Strategic Goals:

1.2    Expand the use of innovative pedagogies and course redesign capable of increasing student learning and persistence

2.0    Mercy College will out-perform predicted measures of student success and earn a national reputation for its efforts in this area


For Faculty, there's no better time to collect student assessments than early in the semester — they can obtain input from students to potentially refine, revise, or redesign segments of face-to-face classes. Early semester feedback examines how effectively students are learning as well as how successfully the teaching methods and strategies influence that learning. This is where Pulse on Learning (PoL) begins.  The PoL survey asks students for feedback, then faculty can share their interpretation of their input and plans for using it.


With PoL, faculty will receive feedback by the fifth or sixth week of the semester on how students are experiencing the course.  This allows faculty to be optimally responsive to their needs and reflect on or revise teaching strategies accordingly.  Together with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) faculty can optimize the learning environment and facilitate increased student success.  CTL Instructional Designers are available to collaborate and work with faculty to implement strategies and methods for best teaching and learning practices.


CTL has been conducting the PoL survey and Instructional Designer consultation model with Mercy full time and adjunct faculty since Spring 2014.  To date, the overwhelming response from faculty participants is that the process is helpful for them and they would recommend it to a colleague.


Watch a brief video to learn more: