Important Information: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Fall classes are scheduled to begin on September 9. Faculty, staff and students are at the center of our “OnCampus Plus” reopening plan. Click here to learn more. Read more here for up-to-date resources and communications about the coronavirus situation. For questions or to provide information that might be useful to the College, please email

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Faculty Resources
CTL: Who We Are

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was created to promote teaching excellence for student success in alignment with the Mercy College mission. CTL is dedicated to fostering faculty development and the pursuit of teaching excellence by providing Instructional Design across all disciplines to support faculty development and enhance the qualitative nature of pedagogy. CTL goals include:

  • Optimizing the quality of instruction to increase student learning and success
  • Offering high quality and transformative faculty development events and activities

Leading college-wide efforts for adjunct integration, engagement and excellence in the service of student success

The CTL vision for this important initiative includes four key elements pertaining to pedagogy:

  • Heightened Awareness of bottlenecks in learning and best practices to improve learning
  • Broad Implementation of sound pedagogical strategies aligned to student needs
  • Deep Reflection on how teaching and learning practices perform in different contexts
  • On-going Evolution of faculty practices on the path to excellence and improved instructional quality

All faculty members, and especially new faculty members, are welcome to schedule a consultation with an CTL instructional designer at any point in the semester. As colleagues in teaching and learning, we are readily available to serve as a resource for all matters related to student success. If you would like to work with a CTL Instructional Designer on pedagogical practices, including how to engage in collaborative planning, or how to refine a current instructional practice, reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning:

Mitch Fried, DPS
Interim Director, Instructional Designer

Juli S. Charkes, M.S.

Instructional Designer

Gloria Schlisselberg, PhD

Instructional Designer, PT




CTL Fall 2020 Preparation

Preparing for Fall 2020

Fall Semester begins September 9 and CTL is here to support faculty with their preparation.  To enhance pedagogy and ensure a strong start to the semester, here are five things faculty might consider doing:


Step One: Communicate early and often with students and consider sharing a Best Practices Tip Sheet for a Blended/Hyflex Classroom. 

PDF icon Student Best Practices Tip Sheet. 


Step Two: Join a Virtual Training Session for Level 1 & 2 Blended Classrooms. 

These one-hour virtual training workshops facilitated by CTL and Mercy IT are an opportunity to learn how to utilize the technology-enhanced classrooms in place for the fall, including how to leverage Zoom tools for student engagement. Click below to access the links to join one of these sessions:  Note: following completion of a virtual training, faculty will be contacted by IT to schedule an in-person classroom demonstration. 

PDF icon Days/Times/Zoom Links for sessions


Recording of Training Session

Password: ?k@il$!0



Step Three: Explore Best Practices for a Level 1/Level 2 Blended/Hyflex Classroom: 





Step Four: Consider attending and/or viewing a recording from CTL's summer Teaching and Learning workshop series.  These sessions cover pedagogy and best practices for all teaching modalities and across all disciplines. 


Teaching Introductory Statistics: Promoting Statistical Literacy  

August 18, 2020, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Facilitator: Rossi A. Hassad, PhD, MPH, Professor, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences 

 Statistical literacy is becoming increasingly important in our data-driven world.  This discussion and demonstration will highlight the use of common active learning strategies with attention to learning styles, student engagement, and more importantly, facilitating deep and conceptual learning. The session will encompass appropriate course content, sequencing of topics, using real and interesting data, and assessment strategies, and is open to all faculty across all disciplines.     

Zoom Link to Register:


Using Video to Enhance Student learning: Facilitators: Juli S. Charkes, Dr. Mitch Fried, Christine Raju


Access Password: 7eA&=g1Q


Microlearning Projects: Facilitators: Elizabeth Fritz, Juli S. Charkes


Access Password: H^!mpT8#


PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines: August 11, 2020, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.: Facilitators: Dr. Sabrina Timperman, Juli S. Charkes


Access Password: MxCw8hw$


Step Five: Reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning: for help with your Fall 2020 Course.  We are here to help!


CTL Contingency Planning: What to know when Transitioning a Course

The Center for Teaching and Learning has created resources providing guidance and support for instructors faced with transitioning courses to a new modality. These resources include how to employ instructional technologies, how to engage students in distance learning and how to continue to meet course learning objections.  

         Educators Online Toolkit

         Preparing to Teach Remotely - Course Revisions Worksheet

         Blackboard Faculty Resources