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    Department of Educational Leadership

    Go to the principal's office with our School Building Leadership degree.
Department of Educational Leadership

Our educational leadership programs will prepare you with the knowledge, skills and professional dispositions you will need to lead successful schools, and provide effective support to teachers and students. These programs provide you with the opportunity to become a positive force for educational change and move forward in your chosen field.

You will work with faculty and practicing school leaders in a partnership that includes a rich variety of coursework in educational policy, leadership and administration as well as a clinical practice component that prepares you to meet current school challenges as an educational leader. 

Graduates of the School Building Leadership Program will act with integrity and fairness an in an ethical manner as they demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and dispositions:

  • Articulate and sustain a vision of student learning, professional growth and effective schooling and the ability to mobilize stakeholders toward effective implementation of that vision
  • Implement effective management of school operations and resources for a safe, effective and efficient learning environment
  • Collaborate with family and community organizations to respond to diverse needs and mobilize community resources to promote school goals
  • Understand, respond to and influence the larger social, cultural, legal and economic forces as they impact the school
  • Effectively utilize current research findings to evaluate and modify programs and procedures within the school system and support the collection and evaluation of relevant data to inform decision making at the classroom level
  • Provide leadership toward the application of technology within the classrooms and school building to effectively respond to school accountability requirements
  • Become aware of the changing role of the school within the community and the importance of community participation and resources in the development and evolution of the school system

Graduates of the School District Leadership Program will also demonstrate the following:

  • A deep understanding of the instrumental role of district level policies in remediating challenges to student learning and achievement and unequal access to educational resources
  • Through familiarity with the federal and state-level policy context affecting schooling and education
  • Ability to effectively support schools in the realization of their educational mission
Programs Offered

Ranked # 3 on's list of the top 25 Best Master's in Educational Leadership Programs in 2020

General Admission Requirements

MS Programs: Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher and prerequisite course work with a minimum of a C average.

Candidates must possess a current teaching or pupil personnel certificate from New York or another state. Candidates for the School District Leader program must demonstrate an earned master's degree. 

Two years of teaching or working in a pupil-personnel position are required for matriculation in to the program. 

In addition, candidates should submit the following:

  • Mercy College Application
  • Transcript
  • Official GRE General Section scores reported from ETS on Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Writing or Praxis Core Academic Skills Test*

*Please note that all students applying for the School Building Leadership or School District Leadership programs DO NOT need to take the GRE or Praxis prior to admission if they have both a master's degree and NYSED certification.