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Spring 2019 Adjunct Addendum

Spring 2019 Adjunct Addendum

Adjunct Appreciation Dinner, Spring 2014

After Dr. William M. Susman's Welcoming Remarks and Comments on the (then still) Upcoming Middle States visit and the short Q&A that followed, FCTL briefly reported on Mercy College's first Adjunct Advisory Council (up and running since February at the rate of 1 session per month; 24 members, 15 adjunct and 9 full-time) and on the Adjunct Survey (374 respondents)

The keynote speaker, Dr. Shari Berkowitz, presented on the theme on the evening, adjuncts and full-time faculty collaborating as researchers. Dr. Berkowitz discussed her own journey as a researcher, from undergraduate days to mentoring students and peers. She explored some current trends in research and how adjunct faculty can make those trends work to their benefits, including collaborating with full-time faculty on outside funding. From Research Salon to SPSS, Dr. Berkowitz discussed assets here on campus that can help you on your own research path. Download the presentation, here.

Following this discussion Liz Dispensa followed up with a presentation on the ins and outs of internal faculty development grants. Download the presentation, here.

For the second part of the evening, attendees were invited to discuss ways of collaborating as instructors and as learners to keep up with best practices and with developments in their fields. 

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