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    Allow new cultures to broaden your life experience.
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    Center for Global Engagement

    Globalizing the Curriculum

    Embrace an international approach to teaching, learning and connecting.

The Center for Global Engagement furthers Mercy College's mission by establishing programs and initiatives designed to encourage the exchange of knowledge across international boundaries. Students are able to engage in learning about cultural perspectives different from their own.  

Upcoming Events

The Center featured a full line-up of programs during International Week 2019, from November 18 through November 22, with sessions at the Manhattan and Dobbs Ferry campuses.

Turkey Coast Line

Whether you are setting out on your adventure alone or are taking a faculty-led study abroad course, travel will open your eyes to the cultural complexity of the world around you.

Event Spotlight

September 13, 2019 – As part of the Open World program for the Parliament in Georgia, delegates visited Mercy College to learn about rule of law in the United States.  During their visit, Open World delegates met with Member of Congress Eliot Engel, as well as other Members of Congress and NYS Senators, to discuss workings of the American government and US relations with Georgia.

International Speaker Series

COVID-19 and its Impact on Learning
April 30, 2020

On April 27, the Center for Global Engagement presented a program with colleagues from Milan and Barcelona to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on learning in Europe and the US.

On April 29, the Center for Global Engagement featured, as part of its International Speakers Series, a presentation by the Honorable Ahmed Kamal:
COVID-19 & Its Impact on Globalization
Mr. Kamal is Ambassador (ret.) and former Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations; Senior Fellow (ret.), United Nations; President, The Ambassador’s Club at the United Nations; and Board Member, International Association of Permanent Representatives (IAPR).