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CGE Programs

Dr. Zelalem Kibret, a scholar sponsored by the Scholars-At-Risk organization, spoke at a program on The Power of Literature about his experiences as an imprisoned writer in Ethiopia.   Dr. Kibret discussed his interests in human rights law, conflict studies, governance and development in Africa, federalism, and relations between traditional institutions and the law.  

International Week

International Day for Tolerance  – Panels from the School of Education, and Departments of Occupational Therapy and Communication Disorders discussed Creating a Just, Inclusive World: Combating Intolerance, focusing on disabilities and inclusion.

World Prematurity Day – Professor Kathleen Kenney-Riley presented regarding premature babies around the globe. She spoke about health issues linked with prematurity and the importance of raising awareness and taking action to give babies a chance at living life.

World Toilet Day – Professor Irina Ellison presented on How the Toilet has Changed the World, reflecting on international hygiene conditions. She spoke about ways that many countries cope when toileting is inaccessible or nonexistent.

International Human Rights Day Mercy College student Sandra Uwiringiyimana presented Memoirs of a War Child, a personal and powerful story of her life as a refugee and surviving armed conflicts in Africa.  Students and faculty were inspired by her strength and were appreciative of her honesty about the brutality she faced.  Uwiringiyimana’s book about her experiences, How Dare The Sun Rise, was published in 2017.

Ambassador Series

Mercy College regularly hosts discussions with United Nations Ambassadors from around the globe, as led for many years by former United Nations Ambassador Ahmad Kamal (Pakistan).  Previous UN Ambassadors who have spoken at Mercy College include

  • Ambassador Flores Flake, Honduras (Spring 2017)
  • Ambassador Juan Jose Gomez Camacho, Mexico (Fall 2016)
  • Ambassador Charles Ntwaagae, Botswana (Spring 2016)
  • Ambassador Nazifullah Salarzai, Republic of Afghanistan (Fall 2015)
  • Ambassador Philbert Johnson and Consul General Bernard K.B. Quantson, Republic of Ghana (Spring 2015)
  • Ambassador Oh Joon, Republic of Korea (Fall 2014)
  • Representative Bekim Sejdiu, Kosovo (Spring 2014)
  • Ambassador Simona-Mirela Miculescu, Romania (Fall 2013)


June 19, 2020

The Center for Global Engagement, in coordination with Professors of Nursing Deborah Hunt and Dorthy Larkin (School of Health and Natural Sciences), featured as part of its International Speaker Series, COVID-19 AND FIRST RESPONDERS - A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE.

View the presentation here; the password for viewing is 3w=&zgZZ


The Role of the Private Sector in Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

International Speaker Series
May 13, 2020

The Center for Global Engagement featured, as part of its International Speakers Series, a presentation on The Role of the Private Sector in Advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) by Dan Bena, former Head Global Sustainable Development and Corporate Water Steward, Pepsico; and present Board member of UNA-USA Westchester.


CGE International Speaker Series

The Center for Global Engagement in coordination with Professor Eduardo Albrecht (IRDP, School of Social and Behavioral Science) featured as part of its International Speakers Series a presentation on The November US Election:  Views From Italy, hosted by the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs of John Cabot University in Rome, Italy (where Professor Albrecht is coordinator of US-based advisers).  View the session here.