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Study Abroad FAQs

Do I need to speak a second language?

There is a program for everyone - whether you can speak a foreign language fluently or not at all, we can help you find the program that is right for you. Some programs are designed to teach you a foreign language - a great way to fulfill your Mercy language requirement - while others offer courses taught in English, regardless of the country's native language.

When can I study abroad?

Students can study abroad at any point during their academic career after having completed 24 credits or two semesters at Mercy (one semester for graduate students). So it is never too early to start looking for a program! The choice of when to study abroad may depend in part on your academics program at Mercy College. Students may participate in more than one study abroad program during their academic career. Students often elect to participate on a summer program and then prepare for a semester or academic year later in their college careers.

Can I use my financial aid to help cover the costs associated with studying abroad?

Information on this website regarding financial aid is applicable to Mercy College students only. If you are not a Mercy College student, please check with the Financial Aid Office on your home campus. Mercy College has agreements with some universities which allow our students to pay the regular Mercy tuition while studying abroad. Outside study abroad programs are available in a variety of price ranges and many are comparable in cost to attending Mercy College. In most cases, federal and New York State financial aid may be used toward study abroad expenses. 

Mercy College students with financial aid awards should:

  • Obtain information on costs for participating in the study abroad program(s) you are considering
  • Make an appointment with an Office of Student Services Counselor or PACT Mentor to review your award and specific study abroad program costs

Some general guidelines concerning financial aid for study abroad are as follows:

  • To be considered for financial aid, you must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • You must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours and be matriculated in a degree program. 
  • Students are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • All credits earned in the study abroad program must be applied toward degree requirements
  • You may have your financial aid money, excluding work-study, applied to costs of the study abroad program

You may participate in a study abroad program in the following ways:

  • Participate through a Mercy College sponsored program. (Tuition billed by Mercy College, Program Fees (room and board, etc.) billed by the host institution)
  • Participate through a non-Mercy College sponsored program. (Tuition, fees and program costs billed by the host institution. 

How much money will I need?

When you participate in a study abroad program, you are able to utilize financial aid money toward program costs. Student Services will consider most costs students incur while participating in a study abroad program. Costs are divided into the following categories:

  • Tuition Charges
  • Program Fee (please note: program fees vary greatly from program to program)
  • Travel Expenses
  • Personal Expenses and other miscellaneous needs
  • Health Insurance fees
  • Other costs associated with program participation

Although your financial aid budget may be increased, typically only loan eligibility will be affected and must conform to Federal established loan limits. The amounts of grants you are eligible to receive is not typically affected by additional costs incurred. If you are interested in determining if you are eligible to increase your financial aid budget, you must meet with a Student Services Counselor.

Are there any Scholarships for students to study abroad?

Students participating in Study Abroad Programs are able to utilize Mercy College scholarship funds toward overseas program costs. In addition, Mercy College offers the Mortimer Levitt Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually to a female student to help defray travel expenses anywhere in the world, preferably to a major university or educational institution, while undertaking an approved study project.