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Procedures for Procuring Technology Equipment

The following process should be followed when a department decides to purchase any of the aforementioned IT equipment, software, and/or consumables:

  1. Contact the ITS Help Desk at x7526 or to make the initial request. The table above outlines the estimated lead time for each item.
  2. ITS will work with the employee to verify and determine the equipment which best meets his/her needs.
    •  Non-standard computer or peripheral purchases must be authorized by the Director of Information Technology. Any computers or peripherals not shown at the following link are considered non-standard: Standard Desktop and Laptop Configurations
    • If there is a computer or tablet being purchased and it will result in an employee having more than one device assigned, that purchase must be authorized by the Director of IT.
  3. Once the appropriate equipment has been selected, the requester will be asked for a budget code and ITS will enter the requisition on behalf of the department.
  4. Once the requisition is approved, IT will work with the Purchasing Department to procure the item(s).
  5. Upon receipt, the item(s) will be configured, delivered, installed, and tested by ITS personnel.
IT Purchasing Policy
Technology Item Estimated Lead Time
Audio/Visual Equipment  3 to 4 Weeks
Desktop/Laptop Computers  Standard Desktop or Laptop, 2 to 3 Weeks. If  non-standard or grant funded, 5 to 6 weeks.
Flash drives  2 to 3 Weeks
Headsets  2 to 3 Weeks
Keyboards/Mice  1 Week
Monitors  Standard Monitor, 1 to 2 weeks. If non-standard, up to 4 weeks
Networking/Telecommunications Equipment  3 to 5 Weeks
Phones  1 Week
Printer Maintenance Kits  2 to 3 Weeks
Printers  2 to 4 Weeks for Small Low to Mid Volume Printers and up to 6 weeks for Large High Volume Enterprise Printers
Scanners  5 to 6 Weeks
Servers  7 to 8 Weeks

 Adobe Creative Cloud – up to 2 weeks

 Adobe InDesign – up to 2 weeks

 Adobe Pro – up to 2 weeks

 Adobe Photoshop - up to 2 weeks

 Microsoft Project – 2 to 3 weeks

 Other – varies based on type of software, ranging from 2 weeks to several months.

Speakers  2 to 3 Weeks

 5 to 6 Weeks

  A centralized ITS procurement policy provides the below benefits to Mercy College:

  • brand and model standardization where appropriate
  • a campus-wide inventory of hardware and software to facilitate effective planning, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal
  • pricing advantages obtained through volume purchasing and working with preferred vendors
  • license compliance for software purchases
Computer Replacement Plan

In order to ensure computers are kept up-to-date and performing optimally, faculty/staff desktops and laptops become eligible for replacement every five years. There are circumstances which would necessitate replacement before completion of the five year period which are outlined below:

  • If the laptop or desktop is out of warranty and repair is not feasible.
  • If there is adequate justification that the laptop or desktop does not meet the requirements for the user’s job.

ITS does not refresh computers that were funded by a grant. As such, if there is an expectation that the computers will be replaced after five years, employees should work with budget owners in their departments to plan and ensure funding is allocated for the replacement of grant-funded computers

When being refreshed, desktops and laptops are replaced with the then current standard configuration computer. If a change is desired and an employee who has a desktop requires a laptop due to a change in job responsibilities, the employee’s department shall fund any difference in cost. The additional cost would need to be approved by the department’s budget owner.