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Written and signed by Dr. Concetta M. Stewart, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mercy College

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  1. If you cannot find any documents on our website, please contact us directly
  2. About Mercy College

    Mercy College
    is a federally-designated Hispanic Serving Institution as determined by two sources,
    the federal IPEDS data report, which grants us the designation based on our Hispanic
    enrollment and also from the U.S. Department of Education, which has awarded us
    Title V grants as a Hispanic Serving Institution.

  3. The IA Education Center at Mercy College
    was established in 2008 and has focused on the following activities:
    1. Educating the concepts of IA/CD knowledge units
    2. Training students at Mercy and the local community
    3. Collaborating with other institutions
    4. Sharing educational experiences in a centralized repository
    5. Recognizing the awareness of IA/CD in a broader community
    6. Facilitating research in IAS
    7. Preparing skilled professionals in IAS fields
    8. Preparing students for IAS post graduate studies
  4. Mercy College has three degree programs in Cybersecurity approved by
    the NY State Education Department since 2007.
    They are BS (
    MS (
    and their fast track BS+MS (
    ) degrees in Cybersecurity.
  5. The requirements for the degrees in cybersecurity have been maintained to be current.
    For The graduation requirement currently required for graduation is a uniform,
    a single tack, in the three options.
    The requirement for the MS degree is 30 credit hours. The first option is those 30 credit hours only by taking courses. The second option is to conduct three credit hours of research project with at least 27 credit hours of coursework. The third option is to write a thesis with at least 24 credit hours of coursework.
    With the same options, the newly proposed is two tracks of graduation expertise: technical professionalism and leadership. The professionalism track will focus solely on technical course works, while the leadership track takes both technical and legal issues into consideration.