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Configurations Cover
Dr. Christopher Loots

Dr. Christopher Loots’ article, “‘That Inscrutable Thing’: Holography, Nonlocality and Identity in American Romanticism” was recently published in Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science and Technology. An earlier article from The Hemingway Review, “The ma (間) of Hemingway: Interval, Absence, and Japanese Aesthetics in In Our Time,” was just reprinted in Short Story Criticism v.229, a collection of the definitive scholarship on Hemingway’s In Our Time. His article “Nada and Sunyata in ‘A Clean, Well-Lighted Place’” is forthcoming as a chapter in the collection Japanese Aesthetics and (Post)Modernism: A Dialogue Between Artists and Thinkers from the East and West.

The Mirror of the Medieval - Cover
Dr. K. Patrick Fazioli

Dr. K. Patrick Fazioli’s book "The Mirror of the Medieval: An Anthropology of the Western Historical Imagination" was recently published by Berghahn Books in the series “Making Sense of History: Studies in Historical Cultures.” This collection of essays gives an eye-opening account of the ways various political and intellectual projects—from nationalism to the discipline of anthropology—have appropriated the Middle Ages for their own ends. Deploying an interdisciplinary toolkit, Dr. Fazioli grounds his analysis in contemporary struggles over power and identity in the Eastern Alps, while also considering the broader implications for scholarly research and public memory.