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Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities believes in the principle that a liberal arts education provides a foundation in ethical and historical perspectives that are crucial to the personal and professional development of our students. The Department of Humanities offers courses in Philosophy, Religion, History, American Government, and the Seminar courses (Critical Inquiry and Junior Seminar) with the goal of supporting students on their journey towards becoming responsible citizens in an increasingly complex world.  

Department Faculty

Dr. Robert Murray, Chair, Department of Humanities

Dr. Maureen MacLeod, Program Director, History

Prof. Emily Seibert, Program Director, Seminars

Dr. Soonyi Lee, History

Dr. Andrés Matías-Ortiz, History

Dr. Benjamin Abelson, Philosophy

Dr. Jude Aguwa, Religion

Dr. Austin Dacey, Seminars

Dr. K. Patrick Fazioli, Seminars

Dr. Virginia Coleman-Prisco, Seminars

Dr. Brent Saindon, Seminars

Nancy Collins, Administrative Assistant 

Course Spotlight

HIST 295 The American Revolution

This course examines the origins of the American independence movement, the struggle between the rebellious colonies and the British Empire, and the resulting governments created in the new nation. Special attention will be given to the social, political, and economic changes sparked by the Revolution.