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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 1:30pm

Meghan Marrero, EdD, professor of secondary science education at Mercy College and co-director of the Mercy College Center for STEM Education, was an invited speaker at the biennial conference of the Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA) Conference in Qingdao, China that took place from August 21 - 23.

Marrero, who is past president of the United States-based National Marine Educators Association (NMEA), presented a keynote entitled, “The Promotion of Marine Education in the United States by the National Marine Educators Association,” and moderated a session.

With approximately 100 attendees from nations throughout Asia, including the Philippines, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the conference offered academic sessions on topics ranging from the use of live aquaria in schools, education aboard tall ships and ocean orientations of elementary students. Among the attendees and presenters were a group of teachers from both China and Taiwan who were participating in a “cross-strait” exchange program.

In her keynote, Marrero introduced the Asian group of marine educators to the work of their counterparts in the United States She also gave an overview of numerous opportunities and resources available for Asian educators, including webinars, ocean literacy resources and international scholarships.

On the final day of the conference, attendees traveled to three schools in different parts of Qingdao, witnessing some of the formal efforts for marine education taking place in the region. The group was treated to a sunset cruise aboard a vessel belonging to one of the schools, gaining a unique perspective of Qingdao and its sights.

“As is my experience with NMEA, the Asia conference was a wonderful networking opportunity for professionals in diverse marine education sectors to meet, share best practices and develop ideas,” said Marrero, who is serving a two-year term on the AMEA Advisory Board. “I look forward to supporting my Asian colleagues as they continue to do excellent work in marine education. I am truly grateful for an amazing experience in Qingdao, and I’m looking forward to strengthening our connections with our colleagues in Asia.”

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