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Academic Advising

How do I choose my major? How many credits do I need to take? What resources can I use to improve my GPA?

At Mercy College we know advising is an integral part of a college education. That is why our Enrollment Services counselors are outfitted to connect, support and guide you to your degree. Your Enrollment Services counselor is here to assist you develop action plans, follow requirements for your major, utilize resources and make the most of your Mercy College education.

Your Enrollment Services counselor serves as your supporter, advocate and guide, and is crucial to every aspect of your college career. Therefore, it is important for you to develop and sustain a close relationship with your Enrollment Services counselor throughout your time at Mercy College.

You may stop into the Office of Enrollment Services at any campus to find out the name of your Enrollment Services counselor. Similarly, once you have set up your Mercy Connect account you should access your degree audit under the Administrative Services tab. The name of your Enrollment Services counselor will appear on the audit.

You should stay in touch with your Enrollment Services counselor throughout the semester. You may use email, telephone or just stop by the office if you have a quick question. You should always see your Enrollment Services counselor before you choose your classes for the next semester.

Your audit tells you what courses are still needed to complete the requirement for your degree. It shows you what classes you have completed and how they are being applied toward your degree. If you have transfer credits, it shows you how those credits have been accepted and applied toward your degree. If you feel your degree audit is incorrect, or have any questions about it, contact your Enrollment Services counselor immediately.

If you wish to change your major you should discuss it with your Enrollment Services counselor. The Enrollment Services counselor will print a new degree audit showing you how your credits will be applied to that major and process the appropriate form. However, some programs have entrance requirements that must be met before you can be accepted to that major and some majors are only available at certain campuses. Check with your Enrollment Services counselor.

Although you have the ability to drop and add classes through Mercy Connect you should always discuss any change in your program with your Enrollment Services counselor.  We will counsel you about the academic and financial implications of that change.  Students often do not realize that a change in program may jeopardize their financial aid either for the current or future semesters or that withdrawing after the 100% refund date creates a tuition liability.  There are also deadlines for withdrawing and adding/dropping class, so do not wait until the last minute, see your Enrollment Services counselor as soon as you are having doubts about your class schedule.

The first thing you should is discuss the situation with your instructor who will probably recommend that you get assistance at the Learning Center. In addition to getting a tutor or other help at the Learning Center, you should come see your Enrollment Services counselor. Your Enrollment Services counselor will help you get the assistance you need, discuss your study habits and learning styles, talk with you about time management and help you get back on track. Do not wait until it is too late to turn things around. 

Yes, if your problem is related to your academic success you can talk with a Enrollment Services counselor. If you need further personal counseling the Enrollment Services counselor will refer you to the Counseling Center or off-campus service.  

Yes, your Enrollment Services counselor will begin the conversation with you and then refer you to Career Services.  

If you have been placed on probation it means that your overall GPA has fallen below the required 2.0. To avoid being dismissed from the college, you must earn a semester GPA of 2.0 each semester until your cumulative GPA is 2.0. At that point you will be considered in good standing. 

If your semester GPA falls below the required 2.0 while on probation, you may be dismissed from the College. 

You will have one opportunity to appeal your dismissal. Contact your Enrollment Services counselor immediately upon receipt of a dismissal notification. If you both feel it is appropriate, you will be given an appointment for a dismissal appeal hearing.

If your appeal is granted, you must maintain a semester grade point average of 2.0 each semester you are at the college until you graduate. Failure to do this may result in a Final Dismissal from Mercy College.

Anytime you repeat a class, the old grade is suppressed and the new grade is reflected in your GPA. (This is true even if the second grade is lower than the first). Always check with your Student Services counselor before you repeat a class in which you have received a passing grade of D or better. Financial aid regulations only allow repeats in specific instances and without proper counseling you may not get your full award. 

A review of your degree audit will determine if you are ready. If you believe you are ready and your audit confirms that, you must fill out a graduation application available on the Student tab of Mercy Connect. If your audit does not confirm you are ready and you believe you are contact your Enrollment Services counselor immediately.

Every academic year a new Undergraduate Catalog is released, detailing the requirements for each major. These requirements are subject to change from year to year. The Catalog year that covers first semester at Mercy applies to your specific degree requirements until the day you graduate, regardless if changes occur in newly released Catalogs. If, however, you take a Leave of Absence from Mercy for 3 or more consecutive semesters, you must be readmitted to the College. When you are readmitted, not the Catalog from your first semester; hence, in this instance, your degree requirements have changed. As a rule of thumb, always speak to your Enrollment Services counselor when returning from a Leave of Absence to go over new degree requirements.