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Holding Hands
Department of Psychology and Social Work

Undergraduate programs prepare students for graduate study and careers in human services, education, industry, government and health care. Qualified students may enroll in a dual-degree program leading to a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education, leading to permanent New York State teaching certification in early childhood or childhood education. Students graduating from our CSWE accredited program in social work are able to complete their master of social work degree within a single year. Our programs offer students opportunities to participate in hands-on training through federally funded research projects, internship and fieldwork placements. Our programs are offered at multiple locations, during the day, evenings and weekends. Our undergraduate psychology program is offered fully online.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are offered in psychology, marriage and family therapy and school psychology. The graduate program in psychology allows students to extend their knowledge of psychology in order to take advantage of employment opportunities or to prepare for doctoral study in the field. The program in marriage and family therapy is designed to allow students to meet the educational requirements leading to New York State licensure in marriage and family therapy. The program in school psychology leads to New York State certification as a school psychologist. 

Course Spotlight

Religion and Psychology

PSYN 241

A study of contemporary psychology in its relation to religion. An analysis of the religious dimension in the thought of such thinkers as Freud, Jung, Maslowe, Frankl and William James as well as an investigation into the scientific study of religion.

Department of Psychology and Social Work