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Department of Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences

The department of Social Sciences offers undergraduate programs in behavioral science, sociology, legal studies and criminal justice, which provide skills and education in a broad array of applied and professional fields. In addition, graduate programs in health services management and a dual-degree program in behavioral science and education are offered.

Students are part of an academic environment where they have the opportunity to learn from distinguished full-time faculty and professionals in their relevant field of study. Most courses are offered on multiple campuses during the day, evenings, weekends and online. Our programs offer internship and learning on location experiences within diverse professional settings. Students are prepared for careers in a variety of settings including human services, business, government, the legal and criminal justice fields, education and health care.

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Free Speech, Media and the Law

LAWS 261

A course that explores the shifting relationship between free expression and media technologies. From a philosophical and legal foundation, it immerses students into the technological, social and cultural issues surrounding the First Amendment, including privacy rites, copyright and libel. The course challenges students by posing a critical question: Are there any forms of free speech that should be restricted? 

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