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Fall classes are scheduled to begin on September 9. Faculty, staff and students are at the center of our “OnCampus Plus” reopening plan. Click here to learn more. Read more here for up-to-date resources and communications about the coronavirus situation. For questions or to provide information that might be useful to the College, please email

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Student Resources

Mercy College is committed to achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation for persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities who may need classroom accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of ACCESSibility before the semester begins to learn about the different accommodations available and the process for obtaining reasonable accommodation(s).

Please contact the Office at (914) 674-7523, or visit our website at

Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity in an honest, truthful and responsible manner. Students are required to be honest and ethical in carrying out all aspects of their academic work and responsibilities. Dishonest acts in a student’s academic pursuits will not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty undermines the College’s educational mission as well as the student’s personal and intellectual growth. In cases where academic dishonesty is uncovered, the College imposes sanctions that range from failure of an assignment to suspension and expulsion from the College, depending on the severity and reoccurrence of the case(s).

See the following links to access the full policy and learn more:

Mercy Academic Integrity

Please click the link below to access the library of Blackboard Student Resources. This includes on-demand videos, step-by-step instructions, as well as tips on being a successful online learner.

Mercy College offers the Mav Market Food Pantry as a resource to all.

Located at Dobbs Ferry Main Hall Room # 115, and Bronx # 4115.

For more information visit:

Career and Professional Development at Mercy College teaches career readiness, with the goal of each student developing lifelong career management skills. We provide tools, training and exposure to valuable opportunities that empower you to take ownership of your career success.

What is Career Readiness?

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace (National Association of Colleges and Employers).

Access Mercy College's Career and Professional Development Website: and gain access to a variety of services including:

  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Career Communities
  • Workshops
  • Resume and Cover Letter Building
  • Internship and Job Search
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Fairs


Mercy College offers counseling services to students taking courses online or at the campus.

The Mercy College Student Counseling Services office offers psychological evaluation and brief treatment lasting one to eight sessions. Students in need of more intensive treatment are referred to local hospitals and clinics for long term psychotherapy and/or medication. College students come to the Counseling Services office with mental health issues including increased stress, depression and anxiety as well as concerns about their academic progress, daily living, adjustment to college and relationships with others. Counseling can be an opportunity to talk about issues that are of concern to students with an objective person who can help them develop skills and view situations in ways that may enable them to be more effective in managing life's challenges down the road.

Counseling Center Main Number (all campuses)

To schedule a new appointment or for general inquiries call (914) 888-5150 or (Email is not a secure form of communication therefore confidentiality cannot be assured).

For more information go to:

Please click "Blackboard Student Orientation" to access the orientation. It includes a short video and then an interactive portion that goes over how to navigate Mercy College's Blackboard Template, How to Post to Discussion Boards, Check Grades, and Submit Assignments.

Important Note: Please understand that completing this Orientation is meant for practice and review purposes. This will not exempt you from completing the required version in the future.

Make sure to take advantage of Mercy College's wonderful on-campus and online library.

Learn more by visiting the following website:

The Enrollment Services team is here to assist you with all registration, financial aid, student accounts and academic records related tasks. Every student is welcome in the Enrollment Services Office for assistance and guidance in successfully registering for courses, filing the correct financial aid documents, working out a payment plan, requesting transcripts and more. We're here to assist you on all four Mercy College campuses.

The mission of the Office of Student Life is to serve all students throughout all campuses and create a vibrant co-curricular and extra-curricular experience. Through active participation, students will gain valuable and transferable skills that will enhance their college experience and enable them to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

To learn more about Student Life and see the current Activities Calendar, please go to:

Mercy Blackboard is a secure site that provides students, faculty and administrative staff with world-class Intranet and Internet services. There you can check e-mail, register for courses and explore the Internet.  

The PACT program was founded in 2009 to assist undergraduate students in planning their careers, achieving their goals, committing to their studies, and transforming the lives of others. From the moment you are accepted into Mercy College, you will be assigned a personal advisor who will advise and inspire you to reach your full potential. Your PACT advisor is your point person who helps you navigate the twists and turns of your college experience. Your advisor will help you choose the right major, navigate degree requirements, register for classes, explore career options, track your academic progress, develop leadership skills, and understand your financial aid.