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Sunday, March 15, 2020
E-mail is powered by the Microsoft Outlook. Here are some of the features of

  • 50 GB of email storage and 1 TB of storage in OneDrive
  • Microsoft Calendar to manage your schedule
  • Access to the full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc)
  • Microsoft Office online to store and share documents online (
  • Microsoft Teams (with voice and video) to communicate and coordinate with classmates and colleagues
  • Access to your email from mobile devices


How do I access my email?

  • Sign-in to Mercy Connect at
  • Find the section labelled “Office 364 Email (Official College Email)”
  • Click on the link to access your Mercy College Office 365 email
  • Note: This email can also be accessed directly by signing into Microsoft Exchange at

What are the credentials for my email?

  • The credentials for your Mercy email are the same username and password used to log into the Mercy Connect website.

Can I forward my to a different email?

How can I get my mail on my mobile device?

  • Download the Microsoft Outlook App from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android)
  • Sign into the app with your Mercy Credentials

How do I access the Microsoft Office Apps?

  • The Microsoft Office Apps can be accessed online at by signing in with your Mercy credentials
  • The Microsoft Office Suite for the computer can be downloaded at by selecting “Install Office” at the top right

I am new to Microsoft Office. Is there a user guide?

Do I still have access to my account?

  • Currently this email address can still be accessed under the Legacy Email section of Mercy Connect. However this email will soon be disabled going forward.