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Carpool Parking Permit Application,

Palisades Parking Permit Application

Please submit all forms to Campus Safety.

Parking Policy
August 12, 2019

All individuals driving or parking a vehicle on campus are responsible for compliance with these regulations. 

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Parking Enforcement

Parking regulations are enforced by Mercy College Safety Officers at the Dobbs Ferry Campus. At the Bronx Campus this function is performed by the landlord or building managers. 

Parking for Special Events

During special events, the college may temporarily restrict or redesignate parking areas normally classified for college permit parking. Lots that must be vacated prior to athletic events or special events are blocked off with cones. Other lots may be designated with barricades and posted signs. Parking permits for special events will be issued through Campus Safety. Vehicles parked illegally in posted lots are subject to citation and/or towing or relocation.

Disability Parking

Handicap spaces are available in multiple locations on campus. Individuals with permanent physical disabilities will be accommodated in accordance with Mercy College, State of New York, and federal regulations. Parking in designated handicap spaces requires a state-issued disability plate or placard in addition to a Mercy College Permit.   

If you have special requirements for mobility, you must contact the Disability Services Office. The Disability Office will coordinate with the Office of Campus Safety and Human Resources to determine the best solution for your needs. They can be reached at (914) 674–7523.



All students, faculty and staff are required to obtain a parking permit in order to park legally at the Dobbs Ferry and Bronx Campuses. Students may obtain a permit from the Students Services Office at any of the aforementioned locations and faculty and staff may obtain their permits from the Safety Department, Rm. 234 Main Hall, Dobbs Ferry Campus. 

Undergraduate parking permits are available only to Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.

All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a Mercy College parking permit.

Always lock your vehicle and be sure the windows are closed.

Paying or Appealing a Citation

Paying a Citation

A parking citation issued by Campus Safety can be paid online at (Mercy Connect) or in person at the Student Services Office Center located at 555 Broadway Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 between the hours of 9:00a.m. - 6:30p.m. Monday to Friday. 

A citation can be paid using a credit/debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check and personal check. Your payment must be made within 10 working days from the date the citation was issued to avoid a one-time ten (10) dollar late fee.

A citation must be appealed within ten (10) working days from the date the citation was issued. 


PDF icon Appeal Instructions.pdf

PDF icon citation-appeal-form.pdf

Parking Permit Types

Any students,faculty and staff bringing a vehicle to campus must have a permit whether it is for the day, the semester, or the entire year. Parking rules and regulations are enforced 7 days a week 24x7. Permits are required at all hours on weekdays, day and night.

Permit Types:

  • Commuter - available to students living off campus only. Overnight Parking is not permitted. 
  • Resident - available to students living on the Dobbs Ferry campus in a Residence Hall. All residents vehicles or assigned to the R-Lot and are only permitted to park on upper lots on the following dates and times Friday 7pm to Monday 2am. Visitors and Service spaces are off limits.
  • Faculty- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements. 
  • Staff- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements. 
  • Union- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Vendors- All vendors are assigned to the Palisades lot located on 145 Palisades st Dobbs Ferry NY 10522.  
Online Vehicle Registration

The College has implemented an online vehicle registration system which can be found on Mercy Connect. The system allows for a total of three vehicle registrations. We encourage you to log in to your account and remove any vehicles from the system that you do not drive on to campus.

Residential Students are not able to use the Mercy College online vehicle registration form and are required to fill out a hardcopy application.  All hardcopy forms must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life located in Hudson Hall room 109.


PDF icon Online Parking Instructions 2-23-18.pdf

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Parking lots pose a variety of safety hazards for both drivers and pedestrians. There are some common practices that will reduce the risk of being in an accident. We want you to be safe, in and out of campus. This list provides practical advice on ways to avoid causing accidents and how to watch out for other drivers and pedestrians.

Distracted driving is anything that takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road or your mind off driving. It can include texting, putting on makeup, eating, tuning the radio, or checking your phone’s navigation system. In fact, “inattentive” was the top distraction among drivers. 

PDF icon Parking Lot Safety Tips.pdf

Visitor Parking

When visiting Mercy College, please do not park in non-college parking areas on the perimeter of campus. Please park in the Visitor spaces or any available space on campus. 

Parking for visitors to the campus is limited, and designated spaces are few. A visitor who cannot find a parking space in a visitor area may park in any other available unreserved parking space, providing a visitor permit has been obtained from the Gatehouse.

If you have additional questions about parking for a special needs visitor, please contact our office at 914-674-7225.

Visiting Campus Residents

Guest permits are available on friday afternoon for persons visiting campus residents for the weekend. Guest permits can be obtained from the Campus Safety office on Fridays. Guest are not allow to park overnight during the following days Monday through Thursday.

Overnight Parking

Although Mercy College prefers that neither vehicles nor personal property be left on the premises overnight, we understand that it is occasionally necessary to do so. Though we provide security to all lots, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or theft which may occur to your property.

If you intend to leave your vehicle parked overnight, you will need prior written approval from the Department of Campus Safety. This information will alert the officers of your vehicle. Only vehicles with a Mercy College decal are allowed to use Mercy College lots. Any vehicle parked on Mercy College property that is not registered with the Department of Campus Safety will be towed or booted at the owner's expense. 

If approved, please utilize the lower lot behind the basketball courts, unless approval has been given to utilize a different lot. 

Car exceeding 48 hours are require to leave vehicle keys with the Department of Safety. Please know that in times of extreme weather conditions Safety may be force to move your vehicle to another lot to allow the lot to be cleaned. In the event your vehicle needs to be moved, a call will be place to the numbers provided in the form below informing you of the need to move your vehicle. Please submit all forms to Campus Safety and necessary requested items.

PDF icon Overnight Parking Form.pdf