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A Seamless Pathway

In February 2019, the 115-year-old College of New Rochelle (CNR) announced plans to cease all operations due to financial irregularities and graduate its last class of students in August 2019. Providing a pathway for CNR students to seamlessly continue their education uninterrupted, Mercy College entered into “teach out” agreement with CNR in March 2019.

1,800 students in good academic standing continued their academic programs with Mercy College in August 2019, and 70 CNR faculty and staff were hired to sustain their operations at Mercy. In order to accommodate CNR students’ degree paths and provide increased educational opportunities for current and prospective Mercy enrollees, Mercy expanded its academic programs. Mercy also ensured an affordable education for former CNR students, keeping tuition the same or in many cases less.

The rich history and legacy of the former CNR is meaningfully carried on through Mercy College. Special efforts were made to preserve the precious traditions of CNR and create new ways to perpetuate values that have enriched CNR as an institution and its alumni for decades.

While integrating the two colleges, those leading the reorganization valued the adage, “Two institutions, one guiding principal.” The Ursuline Sisters who founded The College of New Rochelle had as their motto, “serviam,” which means “I will serve.” The Sisters of Mercy established Mercy College with a similar motto, “inserviendo consumere,” which means “to be consumed in service.” Mercy College was proud to serve CNR students in their time of need.

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