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Peer Advisors work with STEM faculty and PACT as part of a Tri-Point Advising team to advise students entering Mercy College in the following STEM majors: biology, computer information systems, computer science, cybersecurity, mathematics or psychology.

Peer Advisors Will

  • Promote attendance at and participation in STEM-related groups at Mercy College and in the community
  • Meet regularly with the other members of the Tri-Point Advising team to effectively assess student progress and develop personalized strategies for supporting advisees. 
  • Be active partners in a training program designed to develop the mindset, learning skills and tools necessary to advise STEM students across all phases of their undergraduate education. 

Advisors are expected to work approximately 4 hours per week for the academic year and will be compensated $12/hour


  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8
  • Enrolled in one of the following STEM majors: biology, computer information systems, computer science, cybersecurity, mathematics or psychology
  • Achieve at least sophomore standing or the equivalent of two semesters of academic work

Interested students should contact:

Grace Favilla
(914) 888-5207

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April 12, 2018

Now Accepting Applications for 2018-2019.

STEM Mentoring Program

The STEM Mentoring Program provides STEM students, starting as freshmen and first-year transfer students with a refined advising experience that will create guided pathways to academic success. One important goal of the mentoring team is to support students through to graduation with a STEM degree. Faculty, staff and peer mentors work with students to encourage and guide their participation in undergraduate research projects, internships, work experiences and extracurricular activities. The STEM Mentoring Program is open to students majoring in six disciplines: biology, computer information systems, computer science, cybersecurity, mathematics, and psychology. 

STEM Mentoring Team:
  • PACT-STEM Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Peer Advisor
Want to be part of the STEM Mentoring Program?

Open to all incoming Mercy College students planning to major in biology, computer information systems, computer science, cybersecurity, mathematics or psychology

Interested students should contact:

Dr. Anthony Canger
(914) 674-7280

Dr. Julia Zavala

What can a Peer Mentor do for you?
  • Help you set academic and career goals
  • Direct you to helpful Mercy College services
  • Inform you of relevant events and opportunities
  • Advise you on major-related issues
  • Encourage you as you pursue your degree

Each student is assigned a PACT Advisor as they enter Mercy College. Students participating in the Tri-Point Advising Program will be assigned a PACT Advisor that is knowledgeable in the field of interest. This PACT-STEM Advisor is the point person who helps the TPA students navigate the twists and turns of the Mercy College experience. The primary goal of PACT-STEM Advisor will be to advise and inspire their students to reach their full potential. These advisors use a few different strategies to achieve this goal, including: helping students choose classes that meet degree requirements, assisting in course registration, tracking students' academic progress, assisting with financial aid requirements, fostering students' leadership skills and exploring career options. 

All students in Tri-Point Advising will be assigned a Faculty Advisor. Faculty Advisors will be dedicated Mercy College faculty members who aim to support students as they accomplish their goals. TPA students will meet with their advisor to discuss their academic progress, career exploration and professional development. Each students' Faculty Advisor will also provide individualized support for each as they complete their coursework and navigate their path to graduation.

All students in Tri-Point Advising will be assigned a Peer Advisor. A Peer Advisor is an upperclassman at Mercy College who is also pursuing a degree in STEM. The Peer Advisor will give students the aid they need and support students as they transition in to the Mercy College community. Peer Advisors will be a key component of supporting Team STEM students by meeting with students quarterly, discussing research or attending events together. Peer Advisors are role models for students going into the STEM program and will help students feel inspired and build self-confidence in their program.