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Learning on Location

Mercy College announces a new Learning on Location program. The curriculum is specifically designed to provide students the rich opportunities for learning beyond the classroom in the New York Metropolitan area, with the goal to integrate experimental and classroom-based learning.

Ultimately, students will use the experimental component of the course to broaden knowledge and perspectives within the discipline and the material at hand. The key objective of this program is to facilitate students a through and well rounded understanding of their perspective course. The students will be engaged with the material through direct contact with their course and its physical relationship in the real world.


Courses offered through the Learning on Location program:

  • Justice in New York
  • The Marketing Edge
  • The Business of Love
  • The Influence of N.Y.C. Theater
  • Appreciation of Performing Arts
  • An Exploration of Life on Earth
  • The Immigrant Experience
  • History in our Backyard
  • Living with Germs

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