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Financial Aid

Your ability to finance the cost of tuition should never interfere with your college education. Whether it's financial aid or work-study opportunities, we're here to help. From grants and scholarships to loans and work-study programs, Mercy offers countless forms of financial aid.

Net Price Calculator

Use the Net Price Calculator to estimate federal, state and institutional aid eligibility and better determine possible out-of-pocket costs for your college education.

The cost of attending Mercy College broken down.

Direct Loan Program

Direct Loans help you pay your way, but must be re-paid. Direct Loans are backed by the Department of Education.

Work Study Program

The Student Worker Program runs through the academic year beginning in the Fall Semester and ending with the Spring Semester of the following year. The majority of available positions are for students receiving Federal Work Study Funds through their financial aid package.

 RaiseMe Partnership

We partnered with RaiseMe to help you earn your scholarship to Mercy starting in 9th grade.

Get started today, and sign up with RaiseMe at

It's a question all students have: How am I going to pay for college? At Mercy, we think that nothing should stand in your way. Provided below are basics about financial aid to help you understand the aid available to you.

Guide to Financial Aid

Use our virtual Financial Aid Guide to learn more about the financial aid that is available for our students. Follow this guide for the step-by-step process.

Learn more about the scholarships and grants that are available to students at Mercy College.

Financial Aid is managed by the Office of Enrollment Services. Click to visit the Enrollment Services main page, with information about our other important offices and services.