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Liberal Arts Class
Enrich your Education and Broaden your Horizons

Are you an intellectually curious person? Do you thrive in an active and engaged learning environment?

The Mercy College Honors Program is for highly motivated students who are always up for a challenge and are seeking new opportunities for growth and development. Our students and dedicated faculty share a passion for learning service and leadership and together cultivate a supportive and dynamic learning community. 

As an honors student you'll be part of something bigger than yourself and have the opportunity to maximize your college experience both in and out of the classroom.

Whether you're looking to continue onto graduate studies, or you're preparing to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce, the Mercy College Honors Program is the rigorous and inspiring program to set you up for success. 

Welcome to the Mercy College Honors Program! We are excited to talk with you please send us your questions or comments. 

To apply to Mercy College visit:

Visit here for the Supplemental Honors Program application

All students looking for a diverse challenging and invigorating curriculum are invited to apply. Students are evaluated holistically, factors such as GPA, extra-curricular activities and experiences are taken into consideration. 

Honors Benefits
  • Dedicated mentorship for Honors-affiliated faculty who have received additional pedagogical training
  • Priority registration
  • Designated honors courses with small class sizes and specifically developed Honors curriculum
Learning Beyond the Classroom

In the Honors Program, learning doesn't just take place in classrooms. Honors students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of enrichment opportunities, such as:

  • Field trips to cultural events in New York City (Broadway shows, concerts, museums and more)
  • Funded opportunities to attend and present research at local regional and national conferences
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Honors receptions
  • Lectures and talks from renowned guest speakers.