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For students who wish to register for online courses and perhaps pursue a fully accredited degree program from the comfort of their home, please follow the directions below.  You won't have to stand on a lengthy line to apply . . . it's all online. 

To register for classes to to:

If you do not have your username and password, click to get  username and password under the login section

Once you have logged in, click on "Administrative Services," then "Student and Financial Aid."  When asked to select term always select the choice with SEMESTER.

Next go to Registration, then look up classes.  Select the subject of the course.  Under "Campus" select "Distance Learning." Click "Submit."

It will generate all of the courses in that particular subject online only. You must scroll through it until you find the course you would like and if it is open you can select the box next to the course. Scroll down and click register.

t will ask you to add the four digit CRN or Course Registration Number (previously known as the "call number) into the worksheet. Select submit. You must repeat this process for every course you wish to register for. 
Congratulations! You have registered for your first online course(s)!

Note: If any message other than a confirmation message is displayed, there may be a hold on your account or a pre-requisite course needed. Please follow the instructions given on the page to complete your registration. For technical difficulties contact the helpdesk at:

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