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Data on the Impact of our Programs (2018 - 2019)

Impact on P-12 Student Learning and Development

These data show students learning behavior observed in classrooms taught by Mercy College School of Education alumni.

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

These indicators show how effective our candidates are as teachers at the completion of their program. 

Employer Ratings

Employers' evaluation of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of our graduates. 

Satisfaction of Program Completers

Feedback from program completers about how well the School of Education prepared them to meet the goals stated by our conceptual framework.

Graduation Rates (Initial & Advanced Programs)

The number and percent of candidates graduating from our programs. 

Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing (Certification) and Additional State Requirements

Of those who graduate from our programs, these data show the number and percent who are certified, and who passed the New York State mandated Content Specialty Test.

Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions

This section summarizes the employment status of our graduates.

Student Loan Default Rates (Initial & Advanced Programs)

This section summarizes student loan default rates.