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Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing (Certification) and Additional State Requirements

Program Completers Passing Content Specialty Test: 2018 - 2019

  Initial Programs Advanced Programs
Number of Test Takers 118 24
Number Who Passed 98 24
Pass Rate (%) 83.1% 100%


Review of Certification Status of 2018 - 2019 Initial and Advanced Program Completers*

  Initial Programs Advanced Programs with and without a required test for certification*
Program Completers 118 119
Number/Percent Certified to Work in Degree Area 98 (83.1%) 85 (71.4%)


*The 55 program completers in Counseling and 16 in School Psychology do not require a certification test. 14 of 28 Leadership program completers took and passed the required certification tests. All program completers (three in Literacy and seven in TESOL) passed the required tests. 

Source: Teacher Certification Lookup/TEACH