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Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching Effectiveness Observed in Classrooms Taught by Mercy College School of Education Alumni: Mean Ratings Spring and Fall 2019 Combined

Response Key: 3 = Clearly in Evidence; 2: Evidence not Sufficiently Clear; 1: Not Observed

Teaching Effectiveness Rubrics Spring & Fall 2019
Provided an opening or introduction to the lesson 2.9
Paces the lesson appropriately 3.0
Presented topics in logical sequence 3.0
Related today's lesson to previous/future lessons 2.9
Summarized major points of the lesson 2.94
Average 2.94
Explained major/minor points with clarity 2.6
Defined unfamiliar terms, concepts and principles 2.9
Used good examples to clarify points 2.8
Varied explanations for complex or difficult material 2.7
Emphasized important points and/or key terms 2.9
Integrated materials (examples, cases, simulations) from "real world" 2.7
Integrated technology (interaction with computers, educational software) into the instructional program 2.8
Demonstration of active, collaborative, and/or cooperative learning 2.8
Average 2.77
Actively encouraged student questions 2.9
Asked questions to monitor student understanding 2.9
Waited sufficient time for students to answer questions 3.0
Listened carefully to student questions 2.9
Restate questions and answers when necessary 3.0
Demonstrated respect for diversity and requires similar respect in the classroom 3.0
Differentiated instruction in a way that is responsive to variations in academic needs and cultural background 2.6
Average 2.9
Content Knowledge and Relevance  
Presented material at an appropriate level for students 3.0
Presented material appropriate to the purpose of the lesson 3.0
Demonstrated command of the subject matter 3.0
Provided support for students at different levels 3.0
Average 3.0