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    Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education

    Preparing children for the future...
Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education

We believe that the early years of a child's education are important and formative experiences that will serve as the basis for future endeavors. At Mercy College you will learn the skills to be a critical piece of this educational foundation.

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If you have any questions about the programs please contact:

Elena Nitecki
Associate Professor
Dept. of Childhood Education
(914) 674-7370

Full-Time Faculty

Aligned with Mercy College’s mission of transforming lives, we believe that teachers are in a unique position to contribute to meaningful change in a child’s life.  Moreover, we believe that childhood is a precious time to be protected and valued.

We believe that teaching is relational work that is embedded in cultural and social contexts such as family, school and community. It is our view that our students are integral members of their communities who have the capacity to transform the lives of those around them.

We believe that children have a right to a childhood. Children have a right to an education that is responsive to their unique needs. In our program, we view teaching and learning as a dialogue, in which each child has a voice and teachers are listening. Teachers must be respectful of and responsive to children’s diverse ways of knowing and provide multiple ways for children to be visible within the classroom and beyond. Teachers who complete one of our certification programs will have careers that touch children’s lives through positive practice and advocacy. 

Teacher candidates in our program will:

  • Critically examine diverse educational frameworks, as they work to develop child-centered, advocacy-based, inclusive pedagogical stance in collaboration with faculty, colleagues, children and families
  • Observe, develop and implement innovative pedagogical methods that support children in fulfilling their potential in a changing world and that respond to each child as a unique and valuable individual with hopes, dreams and desire to learn
  • Support children in their discovery about the world around them, while preparing them for the realities of the future
  • Contribute meaningful change in their classrooms and local communities
Programs Offered
Looking to improve your score on the Multi-Subject CST’s for Early Childhood?

We offer extensive support for the NYSED certification exams. Please see complete workshop listings and registration here:

Meet Diamond Carter

Diamond came to Mercy College and was successfully completed her tri-certification while balancing a full-time teaching job with a full master's course load. Why? She loves teaching!

Admission Requirements

MS Programs: Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher and pre-requisite course work with a minimum of a average in the following:

  • Mathematical processes (6 credits)
  • Scientific processes (6 credits)
  • Historical and Social Sciences (6 credits)
  • Communications/Humanities/Written analysis and expression (3 credits)
  • Artistic expression (3 credits)
  • Information retrieval (3 credits)
  • Language other than English (3 credits)
  • Concentration in a liberal arts and sciences subject area (30 credits)

In addition, candidates should submit the following:

*Please note, New York State requires that all students applying to graduate Schools of Education must take an admission test. Mercy College requires that students take the GRE or Praxis unless applying for the non-certification (Educational Studies) option. 

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