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Employer Ratings

Employer Mean Ratings of Graduates' Preparation in Terms of the Mercy College Conceptual Framework: Spring & Fall 2019

Response Key: 3 = Clearly in evidence; 2 = Evidence not sufficiently clear; 1 = Not observed

Please rate the preparation of our graduates on the following professional characteristics

Characteristics of an Effective Educator Mean Rating
(N= 5 Schools)  
Solid content knowledge enabling the graduate to deliver effective educational and professional services, based on current research, theory and practice. 3
Pedagogical and professional knowledge enabling the graduate to employ multiple strategies and tools, be effective practitioners and promoting student social, intellectual and emotional development.  3
The graduates understand the diversity in cultural, linguistic and academic backgrounds and incorporate sensitivity thereto in their daily practice. 2.8
The graduates effectively employ technology in their instruction and professional services.  3
The graduates reflect on their practice 2.8
The graduates demonstrate positive professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all children can learn. 3