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School of Education Adjunct Spotlight

Adjunct Spotlight: Hope Cannady

Hope Cannady, a distinguished Mercy College School of Education alumnus, is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Childhood Education. She was honored in 2015 by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Freedom Fund for her work in Queens.
Prof. Cannady is the educational director of Malcolm X Early Childhood Educational Center in Corona, Queens. "It is a wonderful program," emphasizes Prof. Cannady, who has been working with young children for over 20 years. The city wanted to close the center in 2015 because they could not reach an agreement with the landlord, which would have left 120 families without service. Prof. Cannady and her staff, together with the parents, fought to stay open and helped prevent the closure.
Prof. Cannady is still in contact with many of the professors from her time at Mercy College. She is constantly trying to implement what she learned at Mercy, including the importance of connecting to prior knowledge, using the ABC chart, and modeling effective strategies in her classrooms. In particular, the concept of a literacy-rich environment has made a huge impact. "It has become like a slogan for me now. I always tell my teachers and parents that we have to create such an environment." Prof. Cannady also spoke about how she enjoyed her time at Mercy College. "The professors were great, especially to us working students." She was also impressed by her fellow students. In fact, Prof. Cannady hired some of her former classmates and is planning on hiring another. She now has the opportunity to share what she has learned with a new generation of Mercy students as an adjunct professor.

Adjunct Spotlight: Deborah Mumford

Deborah Mumford, Ed.D., is an adjunct professor in the Department of Childhood Education. She has worked in the fields of environmental education, early childhood education and higher education for more than 35 years, serving as an educator, writer, naturalist and administrator. Currently, Dr. Mumford works as a kindergarten teacher at Seely Place School in the Edgemont School District in Scarsdale. She is also the co-newsletter advisor for the Seely Signature, a newsletter/magazine published by students in grades 4-6, tutors younger elementary students offering both remedial and enrichment writing support and teaches creative writing and Engineering and Building course for the Edgemon Afterschool Program. Dr. Mumford is also active with the Westchester Association for the Education of Young Children. 

Dr. Mumford has a keen interest in nature and science. She is the owner and director of "The Nature of Things," an environmental outreach program that offers live animal presentations to schools and centers throughout New York and Connecticut. She provides early childhood centers, elementary schools, special needs programs, recreation programs and senior centers with hands-on and developmentally appropriate science education that features an inquiry-based approach to live animal exploration. Over the years, many children and families have nicknamed her "The Critter Lady." Dr. Mumford describes her experience as an adjunct professor at Mercy College: "I was drawn to Mercy as I had excellent experiences with many of the professors and students. I loved the fact that many of the students were working in the field and had a good sense of the importance of coursework, theory, and research, and were interested in improving themselves as educators." As she is a multi-tasker, involved in so many endeavors, she can relate to her students and their busy lives. "I admire our students who are trying to raise families, teach, and forge productive lives." Mercy College is fortunate to have Dr. Mumford, who brings her passion for teaching and extensive experience to the Mercy College community.

Adjunct Spotlight: Joseph Polvere

Joseph Polvere, an adjunct professor who has taught for the Departments of Secondary Education, Childhood Education, and Literacy & Multilingual Studies, has created an enriching and diverse career within his chosen profession. Prof. Polvere has been honored with the Teacher of the Year award within the Tenafly Public School system for the 2013-2014 school year and continues to teach elementary students. He credits his success to his “strong relationships with students and parents,” and believe that his influence as an educator “goes beyond a school year.” “Parents and students stay in touch with me for years afterwards,” Polvere explained. “I’m proud to say that my class has an impact, and a memorable one at that. I am so grateful Tenafly recognized me." Prof. Polvere earned an associate's degree in social sciences from Rockland Community College and a bachelor's degree in history from Mount Saint Mary College. He earned a master’s degree in elementary education from Mount Saint Mary College and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Prof. Polvere believes that teaching is the greatest job in the world. He strives to incorporate academics with social and emotional growth within the classroom. He individualizes instruction to meet the needs of each of his students. To be successful as a teacher, he believes that three factors must be identified “The students need to be learning and improving in their skills, the students need to be happy coming to school, and parents need to know that the lines of communication are open.” Prof. Polvere refers to dedicated teachers as those that say they are going to “school” rather than to “work.” His dedication to the profession is best exemplified in a conversation with a parent. “My daughter said the best thing about [Mr. Polvere’s] class is he was the first teacher who didn’t talk down to her as a fourth grader—[he] spoke to the students in a way that made them feel smart, like they were adults.” As an adjunct professor, Prof. Polvere brings his passion for teaching and his extensive experience to the Mercy College community.

Adjunct Spotlight: Scott Staub

Scott Staub, an adjunct professor at Mercy College, is a remarkable individual who balances his career of teaching in both secondary and higher education with his many interests and hobbies. His background is in social studies education and special education. Scott teaches history classes at Lakeland High School to students with disabilities. He is also an advisor to the yearbook. 

He received his masters’ degree from Mercy College in educational administration, and within two short years, he joined the faculty as an adjunct professor. He is presently teaching courses in Foundations of Special Education, Assistive Technology, and Behavior Management. He teaches at all three campuses and online. 

Besides being a golfer, Scott is an avid fan of Disney. In fact, he has made over seven visits to Disney World, including trips for his honeymoon and first anniversary. In good humor, he shares that he has “a healthy obsession with the life of Walt Disney.”