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    Greater New York Wipro Science Education Fellowship

    Supporting local science teachers focusing on leadership in science education.
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    Wipro Science Education Fellowship Conference on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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    Celebrating Cohort II

    Our second group of scholars in the Wipro program.
Kudos to the humanitarian response to COVID-19 of our grant partner, Wipro Ltd.

The Azim Premji Foundation of Wipro has made an initial commitment of $120,000,000 to support humanitarian efforts in India as laid out in their newsletter:

With 1600 members of our own organization, over 55,000 team members of around 500 partners, over 10,000 public school teachers that we work with and about 2500 alumni of our University, along with Wipro’s technical expertise and distribution reach, we have been able to extend support in 397 districts across 26 states and 3 Union Territories; the table below summarises our efforts so far. 18 May. 20

Humanitarian Healthcare Table 1: Summary of our immediate response to-date

Food, dry rations and personal hygiene items to 68 lakh people; our food support translates to 24 crore meals. Additionally, supporting efforts such as psycho-social tele-counselling, crowdsourcing real time information to make data-driven decisions and direct cash transfers in selective cases.

Commitment to provide over 2,02,300 personal protection equipment (PPE) kits and N95 masks for frontline workers, across states. Comprehensive response in regions where we have strong field presence through our own team or a partner - so far committed 9 automated RNA extraction machines, 9 RT-PCR test machines, other equipment and consumables.

Significant support in other geographies, based on our access or partners who have reached out to us - including support for strengthening primary healthcare efforts and setting up dedicated COVID-19 treatment facilities.

Arthur Eisenkraft, director of UMass Boston's COSMIC Center, writes about VPLC in February's online enclusive
February 25, 2020

Dr. Eisenkraft discusses Vertical Professional Learning Communities as offered through the Wipro Science Education Fellowship.

Greater New York Wipro Science Education Fellowship

Co-Directors: Dr. Amanda Gunning and Dr. Meghan Marrero

Mercy College is pleased to be the New York area partner for the Wipro Science Education Fellowship (SEF), funded by the private technology company, Wipro Ltd. of India..  We have earned this prestigious $1.19 million grant through our commitment to science teacher leadership and education and to our surrounding communities.  The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide professional development for experienced science teachers in five local high-needs schools districts:  Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, New Rochelle City School District, Port Chester Public School, White Plains Public Schools and East Ramapo Central School District.  Please browse this site to learn more about the Fellowship; our partner districts; science education at Mercy College and how the Wipro Fellows are advancing science education in their districts.

Due to the success of the 5-year Wipro Science Education Fellowship grant, Wipro Ltd. has decided to give continued funding to support Science Education and Leadership initiatives by the Wipro Fellows in their home school districts.

Wipro SEF Teacher Mini-Grants

Since 2017 The Wipro Science Education Fellowship has been providing mini-grants to its Fellows so that they may continue to pursue projects either related to the science professional projects which they established during Fellowship, or new innovative ways to bring science into their schools. Click here to see how this money has supported science teacher leadership.

Mercy College Wipro Program

Learn more about the Wirpo program at Mercy College. 

Wipro Science Education Fellowship Conference on Wednesday, May 23, 2018