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Planning Checklist
  1. Create - plan, write and submit program proposal
  2. Budget - determine cost, establish budget and set per-student cost
  3. Determine Travel Mode (get bids) - plan travel arrangements, lodging, transport, etc.
  4. Manage Risk - carefully articulate risk issues and prepare student forms (including liability waivers, travel and health insurance, etc.)
  5. Prepare Information Packets - prepare comprehensive information packets and distribute in timely manner
  6. Conduct Pre-Departure Orientation - conduct group orientation with Study Abroad Advisor or send students to the Center for Global Engagement's (CGE) pre-departure orientation
  7. Finalize - finalize personal and student travel details, passport visas, insurance, waivers, transportation, etc.
  8. Emergency Contact Information - prepare complete packet of travel details and Emergency Room Response Information to be carried on your person at all times
  9. Emergency Resources - ensure that CGE and home department contact are completely knowledgeable about any final itinerary updates, contact information, etc.
  10. Go Abroad - Depart and enjoy and enriching program
  11. Return Safely - Submit program report to CGE ( and home department