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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 1:45pm

The Mercy College Business Honors Program has seen its share of talented, driven students who go on to stellar careers in business and entrepreneurship. But few students have published a book before they’ve even graduated.

But that’s just what Mercy business major Forrest Limon has accomplished. Months before he is due to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in finance, Limon has co-written a book called “Transcend: A Guide to Realize and Maximize Your Potential,” published October 1.

According to the book website, Limon, who has also studied at the London School of Economics, has developed a strong interest in capital markets and investment strategy. As a Mercy student, he has interned at several Fortune 500 companies and has been offered a job with J.P. Morgan following his graduation in December.

Written with co-author Nathan Wagner, an aerospace engineering and physics student at Virginia Tech, the book’s stated purpose is, “to inspire current and aspiring leaders to raise their standard of excellence in pursuit of their individual potential.”

Victor Petenkemani, associate dean of the Mercy School of Business, was alerted to the imminent publication through an email from Limon, his former student, that read: “Do you remember that equation I wrote on your whiteboard? E + R = O? Event plus Response equals Outcome is just one of many things mentioned in my new co-written book, ‘Transcend.’”

Limon, who mentions the Business Honors Program in his book, acknowledged Petenkemani and Assistant Professor Mark Chmiel for providing, “tips … on succeeding in the workplace and making an impact professionally [that] really inspired some of the content. I learned so much by jumping into the real world.”

Forrest Limon