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Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 2:30pm

Take Advantage of Mercy College’s Summer Institutes

Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. – June 10, 2014– Wondering what to do with your high school aged children this summer? Look no further. Mercy College is offering summer institutes in the areas of; business, computer arts and design, cybersecurity, criminal justice, international relations and diplomacy, and music industry and technology.


June  15–19   |   June  29–July 3   |   July 12–16

The Summer Institute in Business, designed to prepare students for their college career in Business Administration, is open to current juniors who will enter their senior year in fall 2014 and who have attained an overall 90 or above GPA. Students must also demonstrate excellence in leadership and public speaking. Sessions, taught by senior business leaders:

Know Yourself—Matching Personalities to Careers
Life as a CEO—Business Strategy
Creating a Million Dollar Business—Entrepreneurship
Master Investors—Wall Street Careers
From CIA to CFO—Accounting Careers
Meaning Over Profits—Non-Profit & Social Business

Students will also participate in interactive activities, such as: Trading Simulation Game; Student Business Plan Competition; Networking Event with Young Professionals; 
Team Building Exercises; Interviewing and Negotiating Skills; and Social Media, Blogs, 
and Viral Marketing.

To apply for this program, please contact the School of Business directly
at 914.674.7482 or email

Computer Arts and Design

July 7–11

The Summer Institute in Computer Arts + Design immerses students in a creative environment to help them develop their technical and perceptual skills. The course is offered in two parts: (1) Drawing and (2) 3D Modeling and Animation. Students will be able to create final drawings and projects that will be suitable for inclusion in college application portfolios. The Summer Institute will also feature guest speakers from notable animation and design firms and participants will tour a commercial animation firm in New York City, meeting with one of their creative directors.

Drawing provides an introduction to the basic principles and processes of observational drawing, with students working in pencil while also exploring other media. Emphasis is placed on establishing clear spatial and volumetric rendering of forms. The program is designed to develop each student’s technical and perceptual skills, starting with an introduction to fundamental principles. We will work primarily from the still life, architecture and landscape, with additional work done from the figure. 3D Modeling and Animation provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of 3D modeling and animation. Topics include modeling, texturing, lighting and color, concepts of three-dimensional space, geometric transformation, methods for smoothing and more. Application of the  12 principles of animation developed by classic Disney animators will also be explored.  


July 14–18


The Cybersecurity Summer Institute invites high school students (rising juniors and seniors) to explore the field of digital forensics through an interactive and engaging week-long program. The Summer Institute will feature guest speakers on cyberspace threats and defense. Students will face off against each other in a simulation, testing hacking skills and defense strategy while learning more about the history of computer forensics. 

Criminal Justice

July 21–25

The Summer Institute in Criminal Justice introduces students to the components of the criminal justice system and current topics that are facing American society. Students will gain hands-on experience conducting research on these topics, organizing their findings into policy briefs, and presenting their information in groupsThe Program also includes encounters with distinguished people in the field of criminal justice, as well as visits to criminal justice sites and cultural centers.

The Summer Program consists of the following activities:

  • Learning the fundamentals of the criminal justice system
  • Researching topics associated with legal processes
  • Participation in group presentations about these topics
  • Drafting policy papers, identifying challenges and proposed solutions, drafting devising resolutions, negotiating with other agencies, building consensus and networking with other agencies
  • Discussions with criminal justice personnel
  • Visiting the Criminal Court in New York City
  • Visiting different museums in New York City, including the
  • American Gangster Museum and New York City Police Museum


International Relations and Diplomacy

July 28–August 1

The Summer Institute in International Relations and Diplomacy, now in its third year, allows students to conduct a mini-Model United Nations conference. This program, taught by faculty with direct experience of working in the United Nations, provides students with hands-on experience in debating as delegates representing countries. The combination of structured program and encounters with distinguished people, as well as fun activities, includes:

  • Learning the fundamentals of diplomacy and international relations
  • Participation in the mini-model United Nations Conference as ambassadors or diplomats representing a country in the world
  • Drafting policy papers, identifying challenges and proposed solutions, drafting speeches, drafting resolutions, identifying alliances, negotiating with other delegations, building consensus and networking with other delegations
  • Discussions with international diplomacy experts and practitioners on current issues
  • Visiting the United Nations headquarters and Permanent Missions to the United Nations
  • Visiting different parts of New York City


Music Industry and Technology

WEEKEND PROGRAM | September 20–21

This Weekend Institute in Music Industry and Technology provides an exciting learning opportunity for creative and technically inclined high school students interested in learning the art and technology of producing professional quality recorded music from conception to completion. Topics include: studio recording; mixing; editing; Midi sequencing; synthesis; and sampling. Taught on individual Apple computer workstations with piano keyboard and interface and in a state-of-the-art recording studio.

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