Important Information: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Fall classes are scheduled to begin on September 9. Faculty, staff and students are at the center of our “OnCampus Plus” reopening plan. Click here to learn more. Read more here for up-to-date resources and communications about the coronavirus situation. For questions or to provide information that might be useful to the College, please email

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

To send an e-mail message to your class, you need to log into your Mercy Connect account at 

  • Go to the Administrative Services tab,
  • click on the Faculty link
  • Summary Class List.
  • Make sure you are selecting the right term to be able to see your class.

When you are able to view your summary class list, you can click on the e-mail icons next to each individual student to send them individual messages to their e-mail accounts. On the bottom of the list, there is another option to send messages to your entire class at one time. When you click on the e-mail class option, all their e-mail address will automatically be sent as a blind carbon copy to your class.  

*Note that if your computer do not have a default e-mail program set, the e-mail icons on Mercy Connect will not populate to send out e-mails. If you need help with setting up e-mail on your computer, you can contact the Help Desk 914-674-7468 or