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Mercy College Internship: Professional Code of Conduct

Maximize your Internship Experience

Following these guidelines will help assure that you will maximize your internship experience and serve as a positive representative of your academic program and of Mercy College. Your readiness to enter your chosen field will be assessed/evaluated based on these expectations as demonstrated at your internship:

  • Act in a professional and ethical manner. For example:
    • dress in an appropriate manner
    • follow through on commitments
    • do not conduct personal business during work hours
    • be prompt when reporting to work and with completing assignments
    • give your work your best effort
  • Be positive and supportive
  • Keep an open mind; avoid jumping to conclusions; develop informed opinions
  • Be observant; note how employees organize their ideas and respond to and ask questions
  • Be fair, considerate, honest, trustworthy and cooperative when dealing with co-workers and clients/customers
  • Practice your professional communication skills by using writing, speech and gestures appropriate for your environment and audience. (Some agencies use different speech styles among staff than with clients or patients.)
  • Assert yourself and your ideas in an appropriate and tactful manner
  • Seek feedback from your supervisor(s), accept suggestions for corrective changes in behavior and attempt to improve your performance
  • Accept constructive criticism and continuously strive to improve and to grow professionally
  • Enhance your professional effectiveness by improving skills and acquiring new knowledge

Represent the Best of Mercy College

Your conduct should make the employer want to host other Mercy College students in the future. Be sure that you:

  • Clearly identify start/end dates and determine your work schedule with your worksite supervisor
  • Familiarize yourself with and adhere to organizational arrangements, policies, procedures and functions
  • Maintain confidentiality of work-related personnel and projects
  • Understand what constitutes a permissible work absence and whom to notify if absent
  • Report to your Career Services Workplace Experience Coordinator or Faculty Advisor (if earning credit) changes in work schedule, supervision or problems at your site
  • Remain drug and alcohol-free, and avoid use of controlled substances

Discrimination, Harassment (including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence.)  Resources are available if you think you may have been discriminated against or subjected to harassment, sexually harassment or sexual violence.  Even though your internship may be off campus, Mercy College students participating in internships fall under the College’s Policy on Discrimination and Harassment, Policy Statement on Sexual Assault and Aid to Victims of Sexual Violence, and Policy Statement Regarding Order of Protection and Stalking. 

Please contact Thomas McDonald, the College’s Title IX Coordinator and Equity Compliance Specialist at 914-674-7679 if you believe you have been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual violence or stalking.

Please contact Nick Canzano, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at 914-674-7464 if you believe you have been subjected to all other forms of discrimination and harassment.

You may also want to speak with your on-site supervisor or human resource department, and/or Mercy College faculty coordinator. 


Please be aware that most Mercy College employees are required to report allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment. If you feel confused about the situation and uncertain about how to respond, you may also speak confidentially to a counselor on campus.

Please contact Dr. Ori Shinar, Director of Student Counseling Services at 914-674-7233.