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Interview Tips: First impressions are vital, so present yourself well

Dress in business attire, even if other workers are wearing casual clothes. They’ve already been hired – you haven’t! Lean more toward the conservative. A three-piece suit isn’t necessary, but you shouldn’t wear a T-shirt, jeans, shorts, a baseball cap, or any extreme fashions. If you have visible tattoos or body piercings (other than earrings), you may wish to consider covering them if possible. Once again, lean more towards the conservative.


Your hair should be neatly styled; make-up and jewelry should be unobtrusive. Don’t chew gum. Don’t carry a backpack or any other bulky items you don’t need for the interview. They can get in the way as you move around the office and meet people. Just bring a folder of your internship information, and a resume.


Be on time. If you find yourself unavoidably running late, call the person you have the appointment with to let him or her know when you expect to be there. Give him or her the opportunity to re-schedule if necessary. Do some research about the facility beforehand so you can ask and answer questions intelligently. The internship manual should give you a brief description of the placement. Be prepared to discuss your goals and expectations about the internship.


Know something about the site/agency. Research information about the site before the interview. Most sites have extensive websites that can provide this information. Let the interviewer know why you are interested in their site. Location or other convenience is not appropriate, base this discussion on the research that you completed.


When you call to schedule an interview, or if the interview takes place by telephone, arrange to be in a room by yourself so background noises don’t distract you or the interviewer. Clear your desk of unnecessary papers, books, and other materials. Have a pen and paper handy. Write down your questions and have them in front of you during the interview. You also should be prepared to take notes so you can refer to the information you need. Once an interview is completed be sure to follow up with a thank you (via phone or email).


If you have time to drop by Career Services they have great advice and training available for interviewing and job placement. Their website is: and they can review resumes, prep you for interviews, provide advice, etc. They are a resource you are already paying for – utilize their services.