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Faculty Areas of Interest

To learn about a faculty’s area of interest you can click on their name or on the specific “active project.” If you want to work with a faculty, click on their email and send them an introductory email telling them about your desire to meet with them.  To see a listing of a faculty members scholarly work, CLICK HERE

Faculty Name

Areas of Interest

Active Projects


Eduardo Albrecht


  • International protest movements

  • Forecasting political crises by identifying recurring patterns of positive / negative sentiment in a range of different "online milieus" to create leading indicators for political developments in real time

Saliha Bava


  • Adult play & improvisation

  • Creativity in teaching/learning & research

  • Relational intelligence in leading, coupling and parenting

  • Masculinity

  • Hyperlinked identity (inclusivity in identity definition)

  • Emerging Meanings of Play

  • Accessing Success in Learning Through Systemic Design

  • Play in Social Processes

Carol Bennett-Speight


  • Foster Care

  • Aging out of Foster Care and dormitory housing for College students

Mary Cuadrado


  • Addictions and deviance, particularly among Hispanics and females

  • Impact of social economic factors on homicide rates among world countries

Sarah Hahn


  • Gerontology

  • Death and dying

  • Caregiving

  • Home and environment in aging

Evan Imber-Black


  • Family secrets

Jeong Kim


  • Policing

  • Police occupational stress

  • Police use of force & corruptions

  • CCTV

Alberto Manzi


  • Memory

  • Attention

  • Academic skills & creativity

  • Cognitive & clinical psychology

  • Standardized video-based mentalization assessment

Sara Martucci


  • Urban communities

  • Gentrification

  • Tourism

  • Virtual communities

  • Gentrification in American cities

Kimberly Rapoza


  • Family violence

  • Adult physical and psychological health & wellness

Jack Simons


  • Advocacy competence and educational equity

  • Career experiences of intersex people

  • K12 coping strategies of sexual minority youth and emerging adults

  • Career development of sexual minority educators

  • Factors related to school personnel intervention on behalf of sexual and gender minorities in the Czech Republic

  • Bronx LGBT needs assessment

  • LATINX research hub

  • STEM collaborative

Marina Sorochinski


  • Behavioral analysis of violent crime

Rebecca Trenz

  • Substance use, risk behavior, and access to treatment among vulnerable populations

  • Expressive writing intervention for alcohol use and sexual risk behavior among college women

  • Social media use, identity development, and anxiety among emerging adults