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Linda Rosenberg

I’m definitely a Mercy Maverick...a Mercy Nursing Maverick! I think a lot of older individuals would like to return to college but are lacking the confidence to do so.  It can be done...I am doing it.

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In December 2012, Linda Rosenberg '21 was set to graduate from the police academy before an injury changed the entire course of her career. 

“I fractured my foot in four places and cartilage had to be removed from my ankle.  Because of the injury, I’m not able to run anymore,” explained Rosenberg. 

After healing, Rosenberg trying to decide what to do next.

Rosenberg is no stranger to continuing education, she’s earned an associate’s degree in paralegal studies and a bachelor’s in liberal arts with a concentration in legal studies. Those degrees, however, were better suited for her police career.

Originally, Rosenberg did not think she would be attending Mercy College or pursuing a nursing degree.  Rosenberg started to work at Northwell Phelps Hospital located in Sleepy Hollow as a hospitality representative.  Her continued desire to assist others in need transitioned her to the Nursing program at Mercy College.

Rosenberg knew exactly what she was looking for and Mercy College seemed like a perfect fit.   

“There’s a lot to consider when pursuing a Nursing degree.  I wanted to attend a program in Westchester within twenty minutes of my home and my employment at Phelps.  I didn’t want to worry about commuting over an hour to clinicals during inclement weather.  Academic support was also very important,” said Rosenberg.

After inquiring about the program, Rosenberg was connected to Associate Director of Recruitment Nancy Ingles.  The two talked on the phone and went through Rosenberg’s transcripts.  A short while later, Rosenberg was invited in for a tour of the new simulation lab and spoke with current nursing students. 

“The solidifying factor for me was the resources and academic support the nursing students spoke about.  In addition, Nancy made the process seamless — I’ve been through this before, applying to college’s and starting new programs, I’ve seen how things can go wrong — Nancy explained everything.  In spring 2018, I took microbiology and lab and entered the nursing program in the fall as a sophomore.”    

Rosenberg’s been at Mercy College for a year. 

“I’m definitely a Mercy Maverick...a Mercy Nursing Maverick! ” laughed Rosenberg. “I think the world of my professors — they get it. I’m 53, not 18-19, I have a family and have to work.”     

Even though Rosenberg has completed two previous degrees, it can be daunting to take on a new program.  Rosenberg feels confident thanks to the support she’s received at Mercy.  “There is a tremendous amount of academic support and resources within the nursing program.  The professors and administration are accessible,” said Rosenberg.

“While the program is very challenging, it is also very rewarding.  I think a lot of older individuals would like to return to college but are lacking the confidence to do so.  It can be done...I am doing it. Hopefully, I can inspire them!” said Rosenberg.

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